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    Sex Toy Trivia Contest airs Live on Youtube August 16, 2013 at 7PM PST

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    SexToy.com’s owner and trivia contest show host “Sex Toy Dave” Levine has seen growing popularity with each episode of his live youtube sex toy trivia contest. The next event promises to be the biggest yet as Google Plus Celebrity contestants and a live youtube audience compete for prizes. Question categories include “Sex Toy News and History”, “What the heck is that?”, and “The Price is Right”.

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    "Sex Toy Dave", most recognized for appearing in three seasons of Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker, has moved on to a new Youtube show called "Sex Toy Trivia".  The next episode August 16, 2013 promises to be the most popular episode yet with contestants like Carter Gibson who has over one million followers, sex and relationship expert A.V. Flox who has over five hundred thousand followers, and artist Ashlan Nathans with his seven hundred thousand followers.  More Google Plus celebrity contestants will be announced later.
    The first episode of Sex Toy Trivia aired in the fall of 2012 and focused  mostly on sex toy history and sex toys in the news, but some viewers complained they wanted more current sex toy trivia and to see more product. In response the show added categories "What the Heck is that?" and the "Price is Right". The host Dave holds up a product and asks "What the heck is that?", and the "Price is Right" category gets contestants to see who can come closest to the correct price of the item. The contest still includes sex toy history questions. For example, did you know that in 500 B.C. Greek traders from the port of Miletus sold the olisbos, an early version of the dildo, around the Mediterranean?
    The first episode had many live viewers, but "we wanted a way to get the live audience more involved so we created a question and prize for the live YouTube audience" explains Dave. The first YouTube viewer to comment a correct answer wins a prize. To increase popularity further, Dave increased prizes to $1000 in store credit at http://www.sextoy.com.
    You can RSVP for the event on Google Plus: 
    or watch live on Youtube at:
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    I have been suprised by the popularity of the Trivia show and am excited to see its popularity growing further. This next episode looks to be the best yet!
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