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    Web TV for the Legal Industry – Speaker Media Launches the State Law TV Network

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    The HBO move towards unbundling may be an impetus for law firms and other brands to develop their own Web TV channels. The State Law TV network provides a platform for law firms to do just that.

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    State Law TV will be launching the first of 50 Web TV channels in December 2014. The planned Web TV network is the brainchild of Cindy Speaker, producer-publisher and documentary filmmaker. Ms. Speaker purchased the 51 domains about 5 years ago with the plans to build a Web TV network that simulates brands like ABC who also have local affiliates.  She said that the time was just not ripe for development back then, but she believes it is now.  The biggest signifier of that is the recent announcements from HBO and CBS that they will soon offer internet only options for their programming.

    In 2012 Speaker seized a similar opportunity when she launched a digital magazine called Law Firm Marketing Magazine.  A few years prior to that it would have been a huge undertaking to launch a magazine but the internet leveled the playing field and made it possible for virtually anyone to accomplish such a goal.  Speaker believes a window has opened up and will lead to a land rush to develop branded Web TV shows alongside powerful companies like HBO.

    Speaker has hopes of eventually developing original content but for now her primary goal is to build out the network and launch all 50 states in 2015. She believes that first mover advantage will help position her new network strategically.

    As far as the path for this journey Speaker says "there are no blueprints anymore.  We're all figuring it out as we go."  She said that she routinely tells her team that the most valuable skill they can have is that of a creative problem solver.  That will certainly be important for this venture.

    Cindy Speaker is the owner of Speaker Media and Marketing, a company that provides marketing and media services to the legal industry. She is best known for her use of emerging technologies and strategies that provide her clients with opportunities to dominate their respective media markets.

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    The HBO announcement that they will offer internet only options could be the tipping point in leveling the playing field for brands to enter the TV market with their own Web TV shows.
    - Cindy Speaker
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