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    "I wanted to thank you for the amazing work you've done for myself and the producers of the Living Dot Com film. After the film, I was approached by the Executive Producer himself and told that the last minute press release we sent out, resulted in the premier being completely sold out! Thank you for everything!"


    - Mark Mottershead

    "I want to a give a big shout out and thank you to Rob Burns, who very generously offered me a one-off press release to support a charitable cause.

    To cut a long story short, one of my subscribers was trying to raise $3k to fund a protest ride to raise awareness of some horse related bills that are not getting much traction in Congress.

    This is what she wrote when I first heard from her on 14th March: "Funny you should mention Gofundme, because after lots of research that's who I chose as my fundraiser site. It's been running for almost a month, I think. Not doing really well, we haven't yet hit the 10% mark."

    Last week she hit her funding target and she wrote: "... it was the press release that made the difference, it was amazing! The article and video even made it to someone in the USDA, who called Senator Landrieu's office to tell them about it. Even Senator Whitfield's aide (Marty Irby, who is very well known in the Tennessee Walking Horse community) saw it and called. Thank you!"

    I echo her sentiments and so thank you once again, "



  • Our anchors give you authority
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We make it simple to use our system. All you have to do is submit your release and we do the rest, including filming , editing and embedding a video read by a professional PR News anchor in your release.

If you don't feel like writing or don't have the time we even give you a list of cost effective press release writers to write your news release for you

Every prREACH member receives extensive training on how to use our system, we even give tips on best practices for writing a release and unique ways to gain media attention.



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