Amazon Managed Launch and Rank Concierge Service

What is the prREACH Concierge Service?

It's the gateway, and first steps to our proprietary and completely done for you Amazon launch method.

Don't waste your time & money trying to rank listings without a strategy


Our Concierge Service will help you to evaluate your listings and determine what you need to invest for a long-term strategy, helping you to:
  • Rank & Stick your Listings;
  • Increase your Brand Authority;
  • Master your SERP game;
  • Enhance your Content Quality;
  • Get High Quality backlinks;
  • Cross-Promote other products;
  • Have a long term keyword domination plan on AND off of Amazon.


Before you put a LOT of money and effort into ads, services or inventory, make sure your ranking plan is SOLID.

What Does the Concierge Service Include?
  • Direct one on one consultations
  • Front end listing audit
  • In depth product and keyword research
  • Coordinated press release and sales velocity campaign proposal
  • Full management of approved Campaigns
  • Keyword tracking and management for approved campaigns


We've been selling on Amazon for years and have seen strategies, tricks and hacks come and go. If you don't have a solid, reliable strategy and long term plan that CONSISTENTLY BUILDS your business, then you're spinning your wheels!


It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark.

The secret of Amazon Success is PLANNING!

We have launched numerous press releases using prREACH's massive network of a result of this we have seen our Amazon listing increase greatly in rank to the point where we had 33 Amazon's Choice badges. We are more than happy to have made press releases an ongoing strategy of ours with prREACH ensuring everything runs smoothly!

~ Oliver Saylor ~
Amazon Seller

If you want to know the full scope of our Ranking Strategy for Amazon, check out this video by Shane Oglow:
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Amazon is an ever changing environment. Staying on top of the latest hacks, tricks and algorithm changes, all while complying with Terms of Services and staying safe can be overwhelming.

Our company is powered by two seasoned 8 figure Amazon sellers, who have used this exact system for every single product launch they do.

The results I have gotten with prREACH's press release magic is stunning...50 million to 150 million reach on my company's latest news each time I have done these. They provide the best customer service around with press releases. Highly recommend.

~ Dr. Kevin Fleming, PhD ~
President & CEO, Grey Matters International Inc.

Our system is a tried-and-true operation, designed upon years of expertise.

A small investment can save you a LOT of problems, wasted resources and risk. It can even save your account from being shut down (all our strategies are 100% in accordance with Amazon Terms of Services)

This is how it works:

  1. Consultation call - Let's get to know each other, introduce us to your brand, your experiences, where you are and where you want to go.
  2. We do a front end listing audit then report back to you.
  3. If audit is good, we move onto detailed product and keyword research.
  4. With our research and any info you provide, we put together a customized ranking plan proposal that includes:
  1. Cost breakdown
  2. Press release schedule
  3. Sales velocity plan and schedule
Now, imagine how much you'd spend in...
  • Ads that won't solve your problem
  • Third-party services that don't seem to stick your keyword rankings
  • Inventory costs because you just can't gain momentum
If you think that's expensive, think about the cost of a traditional brick & mortar store?
  • Rent
  • Property taxes
  • Advertising (News, Radio, Television)
  • Payroll
You can PREVENT ALL THAT and get a solid game plan with an investment of $1497