Press Release Basics

A Press Release is a written form of communication prepared for the media for the purpose of announcing newsworthy content.
Our press release distribution reaches nearly every media outlet and newsroom nationwide. All press releases we distribute have the potential to reach 50 to 150 million viewers, 300 to 500 news outlets, and over 50,000 journalists. This includes distribution throughout networks such as the Associated Press (AP) and MarketWatch, as well as to distribution sources like The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and CBS (among many, many others!). And don’t discount smaller and local news networks–we distribute to thousands of these outlets, too, where there is less PR competition and you can get even greater visibility locally. Finally, our press releases appear on Google and any other search engine out there. For a complete list, see our Distribution & Syndication Sources.
If you have a press release ready to be distributed to various media channels, you don’t have to do anything but submit it to us! We’ll do all of the distributing for you. We can also help you write your press releases so that they meet all syndication standards and reach as many media channels as possible.
Your press release is sent to thousands of media and pressrooms nationwide, but keep in mind that the media and its journalists receive hundreds of press releases at their desks every day. Of all of these press releases, they decide to publish the ones that are relevant and interesting to them. You can increase your likelihood of having your press release published by media outlets by using our distribution service, which helps blast your press release out to an extremely high number of media outlets and journalists. The more channels that your press release is sent to, the higher chance of it getting picked up by journalists who feel compelled to publish your news! And, better yet, if you choose to have our professional writers craft and optimize your press release, it will most certainly get published by more media.

While invented over a century ago, press releases have become a secret weapon in our world today, with the explosion of social media and online marketplaces. Unlike expensive advertisements or PPC campaigns, a press release is content marketing that gives your business the best bang for your buck. The benefits are many, and all depend on your business’s marketing goals. At prREACH, we implement specific and specialized optimization strategies within each press release we write to get you the best exposure and attention.

If you are a business (small, large, eCommerce or brick and mortar), press releases can:

  • Rank your business higher in search engine results, increasing your visibility and showing up on local search results
  • Convert viewers and readers into paying customers
  • Increase sales using consistently distributed content
  • …and much more!

If you are an Amazon seller, press releases can:

  • Help you launch, rank and stick in Amazon’s A9 algorithm
  • Direct an immense amount of traffic to your listing and brand
  • Establish brand authority in your niche
  • …and much more!

It is impossible to cover all of the benefits of press releases here, but please refer to our blog for further reading on how and why press releases can work very successfully for your business.

The number of pickups your press release gets always depends on how relevant, useful and interesting it is. There are many, many topics that you can base your press release on (download our 108 Reasons for Writing a Press Release Guide here!), but the trendier the topic, the better. If your press release is intelligently written in a way that touches upon a trend that journalists, bloggers and influencers would be publishing content about, then your press release will get picked up more. Current interest in a topic, a popular trend, a recent event in the news and properly formatted press releases will always get you the best exposure and attention.

This is where having our professional team write and edit your press release for you can really benefit. We do the research and know how to implement strategies in our PR writing that help make your press release (no matter what type of business you are!) relevant and interesting to the press.

It is not uncommon to see press releases stay at the top of Google search results for over a year–this is just how powerful press releases can be. A properly formatted and well written press release will initially get very high visibility, as it’s just been published and especially if it targets certain terms and trends. Usually after a week or so, things start to take on a more “natural” position in rankings and can stay there for several months, even over a year.

Our Services

Yes! In fact, the vast majority of our clients use our “Done for You” writing services. Our English, experienced and professional writers gather your preferences and information for each press release, and craft an intelligently written news angle for you. This can save you a whole lot of time and effort to focus on other priorities in your business.
Yes! We have very flexible plans and packages available to anyone, whether you decide to write your own or have our professional team write your press release. If you want to write your own, submit your press release to us and we will blast it out to our massive distribution networks for you. See our pricing page for more details on our various “Write Your Own” offerings.
No, you are not required to subscribe to a monthly plan. We offer “One-Time Purchases” for those who use press releases infrequently, and you can purchase as many of these as you want at a time. However, we highly recommend distributing press releases consistently for maximum exposure and best results for your business. Most of our clients subscribe to a monthly plan, choosing the one that best suits their needs (we have several options for you). Plus, you save more per press release if you subscribe to a monthly subscription.
If you are subscribed to a monthly plan and receive a certain number of services per month, your press releases will not expire as long as your account remains in good standing. They will simply accumulate from month to month if you do not use them. If you purchase “One-Time” press releases, these do not expire.

As the World’s first video press release company, we pride ourselves on our video production services. A Video Press Release is a written press release with a corresponding video created for it.

If you order a “Done for You” Video Press Release, this means that we will write the press release for you and produce a corresponding video for it. You don’t have to do a thing!

If you order a “Write Your Own” Video Press Release, this means that you write the press release, and we produce a video for it. We will take your press release and cut a short video script from it in order to do this.

Yes, we give you your videos! This way you can use them however you wish in your marketing efforts (social media, website, YouTube, etc). To download your videos, go to your account Dashboard and click on Download Your Videos.
Yes, we do. Please contact us for more information on how your agency can use our services.

Using Our Services

Once you purchase a press release plan and/or package for the first time, you will be sent account login details to your email. After logging in (MY ACCOUNT on prREACH.com), you’ll be taken to your Dashboard. Click on “Submit a Press Release Now”, and complete the corresponding order form for whichever type of press release service(s) you purchased.

Our order forms contain all of the information we need from you to write, film and distribute your press release, depending on the type of service you purchased.

For more information on how to navigate your Dashboard and order press releases using our forms, please see our HOW IT WORKS tutorial videos, here.

Yes! On our Submit a Press Release order form, there is an option that you can select if you would like to review your press release prior to publication. Keep in mind that this likely adds 1-2 additional days to processing time, so please schedule your orders accordingly.
We kindly ask you to place your order at least 5 business days in advance for video written press releases, and at least 3 business days in advance for written only press releases (whether we write them for you or not). If you choose to review your press release prior to publication, we highly advise ordering your press release 1 week in advance of your preferred publication date, so that you have ample time to do so.
Once we publish your press release, it is immediately live on the prREACH website and “on the wire” to our distribution networks. Approval can take up to 24 hours, but this is rare. We try our utmost to aim for morning distribution (prior to 12PM EST), as this has proven to be the best time to attract media attention.

Press releases that you write yourself and submit can be published and sent for distribution within two hours of receiving it during our office hours (9AM – 5PM EST).

If you require us to write your press release for you, then we can attempt to write, publish and send for distribution the next business day.

Unfortunately, we cannot process urgent video press release requests at this time.

If you require an urgent press release, please email [email protected] with “URGENT PR REQUEST” in the subject line.

Yes and no. While you can schedule your press release to be published and distributed on a particular day, you cannot specify the exact time it will be. This is to decrease human error and likelihood of mistakes during processing. Press releases are normally scheduled to be published before 12PM EST.

Distribution Reports

Every press release comes with a Distribution Report. This is a report that lists all of the media outlets that picked up your press release, and includes URLs to each media outlet publication. You can access your Distribution Report in your Dashboard, in the MANAGE PRESS RELEASES tab. Click on the Reports icon button under the Status column.
Distribution Reports are viewable only 72 hours after publication of your press release. You will not be able to access your report before 72 hours has passed.

Press Release Formatting

We recommend 350-500 words only for written press releases. Writing less or more than this range risks rejection of your press release for distribution.
The headline, dateline (including city/state), boilerplate, and media contact information all count towards the final word count.

We recommend no more than three hyperlinked words/phrases per press release. This is largely for SEO-friendliness and readability purposes. Too many links in a press release can be viewed as a red flag by Google.

There is also space in your Contact Information included in your press release for your website URL and social media account links.

Yes! If you have a YouTube video you’d like included in your press release, you may include it–even if you’ve ordered a Video Press Release. This means that you could potentially have two videos included (one made by us on the PR, and your YouTube video).

You can also include up to 4 images in your press release, and 1 brand/company logo image.

To include images/video, you may upload them to your order form during the submission process.

Press Release Writing

Press releases must be newsworthy. Keep in mind that there are certain things we do not accept, such as:

  • Advertisements
  • Personal opinions
  • Sexually explicit content
  • Blog posts
  • Reprints/duplicated content
  • Online Pharmaceuticals
  • Payday or Short Term loans
  • Stock recommendations

Please see our Editorial Guidelines for a complete list of content we do not distribute.

There are tons of topics you can write your press releases about! We’ve put together our 108 Reasons for Writing a Press Release Guide to help you get started.

No, you cannot write about the same topic for each press release in a campaign.

Many of our clients choose to distribute multiple press releases about a specific service or product over several weeks, as part of their marketing campaigns. While the press releases can contain information about the service/product, it cannot be centered around the exact same topic from one press release to the next. We do not accept duplicate content.

For example, if you had a service you wanted to focus on in your press release campaign, you could distribute your first press release focusing on the launch of the service, the second press release about your service receiving a positive review or award, the third press release about the market trends in your niche, etc.

If you need help writing your press releases, don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our writing services.

At the moment, we share tips and tricks for writing optimized press releases through our blog. We are working hard to get an easy to follow and informative Resources/Knowledge Centre up and running on our website, which will include video tutorials, how-to articles, and more. Keep your eye on our website and in the emails we send you about this training feature, coming soon!

Amazon Sellers

Press releases have been quietly used by hugely successful Amazon sellers for the past several years to help launch and rank products.

What many don’t know is that press releases can boost your ranking significantly by using high authority links within the press release body. This, in combination with getting the attention of Google and traffic, can help you launch and rank products on Amazon consistently. Not only can you link your listings to your press releases, but you can also link targeted keywords to your official website, brand social media accounts, YouTube videos, and other external sites you wish to direct readers to. We all know that Amazon favours traffic!

The best part? With consistent distribution of press releases, your listing achieves a much greater chance of sticking near the top of Amazon search results pages for a longer period of time. This is in large part due to increased and consistent traffic your press releases direct to your listing. It is for this reason why we recommend press release campaigns involving multiple PRs for product launches and re-launches, as they are highly effective and much more cost-effective than usual PPC ad strategies.

For more information on our proprietary Launch & Rank system, click here.

A single press release will not rank your product. Our system is designed to make use of multiple press releases in a campaign over weeks or months, depending upon client goals. You will get the best results using multiple press releases. 1-2 press releases for a product here and there will not get it consistent national exposure or increase your product’s ranking. Our Launch & Rank system allows you to release consistent, optimized content for your product and brand over time as well as the steady accumulation of high quality authority backlinks. It is not an overnight process!
When you purchase any of our Amazon packages, you will receive FREE, advanced and updated training on our proprietary Launch & Rank system in your account. You can use this step by step training to craft your campaigns, as well as take advantage of two consultation calls and ongoing support with our team. Find out more here.
We get that learning our system involves several steps and can be time consuming. We hope you think the results will be worth it! However, if you would like us to do it all for you (including keyword research, linking, scheduling your campaign and setting up rebates), we have a Concierge Service that you can take advantage of. Please contact us for more information.
It is important to note that our system is not designed to get your product star rated reviews. Our system helps you launch and rank products, but we do not guarantee that your product(s) will receive reviews and our strategy is not designed around getting more reviews.
No, you don’t need to subscribe to purchase our Amazon Launch & Rank packages. These are one-time purchases that you can either use alone or add onto your monthly plan if you are subscribed. Feel free to order these packages whenever you want to implement them in your launch campaigns.