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Do you know the new rules of PR?
If you’re still following the “traditional” tips and strategies to write and syndicate your press releases we have some bad news for you…
The rules have changed and the stuffy, big fish PR companies are basically showing up to a gun fight armed with only a plastic spork.
Why won’t they change? Some are just too large to quickly implement the necessary changes, while others are just unwilling.
Either way, the fact remains the same:
If you don’t evolve with the new media industry–your marketing efforts will be next to useless and a huge waste of your time, effort and money.
But, there is good news…
When you discover the new rules the game is being played by, you’re able to win in the marketplace and take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Join the prReach Academy today and discover:

  • What day to never, ever send out your press release (and which days are best)
  • The 3 kinds of press releases to write. (Which one should you use?)
  • Why Google abhors most press releases, but is madly smitten with this specific kind of release
  • 4 simple ways to optimize images and have the competition eat your pr dust
  • The 7 proven steps to write the perfect press release (cue heavenly music)
  • Sneaky, but totally legit social media technique, not one in a hundred PR companies even know exists
  • And many more tips and strategies from our deep bag of pr goodness

Oh, and did we mention…
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