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Leads Are the Lifeblood for Any Business. In His 3 Day Live Event, Super Entrepreneur Daven Michaels Teaches Entrepreneurs the Importance of and How to Delegate Lead Generation to Virtual Employees. Continue reading

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Mar 21, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Effective sales lead generation can make a huge difference to business marketing results. A lot of companies are struggling to survive because they don’t have enough targeted leads to keep their business going. Because of the importance of lead generation, organizations are constantly testing new methods to generate quality sales leads with minimum investment. Besides helping business cut down on advertising costs, sales leads can also help keep employees motivated which will end up being reflected in the business’s productivity.

The million-dollar question all entrepreneurs want to know is how best to generate quality leads for their business. There are a lot of options available, and one needs to have a good strategy for implementing, managing, testing and evaluating their lead generation process that will bring the best desired results. One of the secrets that many successful entrepreneurs and businesses have discovered is to outsource the process to other companies.

One of the major reasons that businesses outsource their lead generation is because it is cost effective. This helps companies save a lot of money on expensive advertising campaigns, training the employees, setting up the infrastructure, etc. The outsourcing company also has access to better tools and strategies to deliver the required quality results at lower costs as they are experts in this field. It is also a time saver option for companies who can assign their employees to work on other productive areas. The companies also provide various packages that offer customized campaigns depending on the needs and the budget allocated.

In his upcoming event ‘Beyond Business Live’, Daven Michaels, international speaker, author and founder of 123Employee, speaks about a series of ways to create a successful business including the importance of outsourcing lead generation activities to virtual employees. During the workshop, Daven teaches the attendees the principles he used since the age of 15 to create a series of financially successful businesses including fashion design, owning a retail boutique on Melrose Avenue, being a hit music producer, being a pioneer in the live electronic music industry, owning and selling a successful paging telecommunication company, and owning a successful voice broadcasting business. Today he is the CEO of 123Employee, a premier outsourcing service provider.

Despite managing over 400 employees situated on the other side of the world, Daven lives an incredible lifestyle and is able to pursue his passion for creating music and writing and producing TV and films.In fact it seems that whatever business Daven puts his mind to he is able to turn it into a success. Is this just luck, destiny or does Daven know something most entrepreneurs are still struggling with? Daven believes the secret to turning any business into a success is marketing – and to be more precise, knowing how to leverage systems, technology, and people to help market and sell products and services.

Daven believes anyone can create a successful business using a time-tested formula he was taught by his mentor, which he now teaches others. Daven is quick to point out that one does not need to outsource to build a successful business, but it certainly makes it easier and more affordable. During ‘Beyond Business Live’ Daven teaches entrepreneurs the 6 pillars of successful outsourcing: • Knowing one’s role • Having a credible business • Deciding what tasks to outsource • Providing clear instructions • Selecting the right Virtual Assistant • Managing expectations

In addition to teaching entrepreneurs how to outsource their marketing, Daven also teaches the principles for creating a virtual business and incredible lifestyles. To gain more details on the 3-day workshop, visit:http://www.beyondbusinesslive.com/p

Daven Michaels has been an entrepreneur since the age of 15, with over 30 years of experience in creating multiple successful businesses. He is founder of 123Employee, a premier outsourcing service provider established in 2005, which focuses on helping entrepreneurs with marketing and customer support related tasks.

If one would like more information about this topic, or the upcoming ‘Beyond Business Live!’ events or to schedule an interview with Daven Michaels, please call 866.549.1296 x 456 or e-mail CEO at 123Employee.com

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