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Feb 28, 2014 /prREACH/ -- The news indicates that the economy has bounced back to a certain extent; yet, life has not gotten much easier for the American entrepreneur. Competition, in the forms of local, national and international businesses are making the pursuit of success even more challenging.

Entrepreneurs are attempting to get ahead by working longer hours, working harder, and learning new skills, but they are often getting so caught up in all of this that they end up losing the very things they are working for: lifestyle, health, and their relationships.

However, all is not bleak; super entrepreneur, Daven Michaels, international speaker and New York Times Best Selling Author, of ‘Outsource Smart’, is determined to change the status quo. Daven has been a successful entrepreneur since the age of 15. He has ridden multiple downturns, and while others saw their revenues drop, and businesses collapse, Daven was able to expand and grow his multiple businesses.

Over the last 3 years, Daven has been sharing the secrets of business success’ success at his 3-Day workshop called ‘Beyond Business Live!’. Daven, explains that entrepreneurs need to learn 3 fundamental skills:

  1. How to implement effective marketing and digital marketing strategies.
  2. How to better delegate and utilize the global workforce and virtual assistants, virtual employees and specialized service providers.
  3. How to leverage systems, processes and technology to save time and money.

To reach a larger number of entrepreneurs, Daven is taking his core team and his ‘Beyond Business Live!’ three-day workshop for an eight week six city tour. During his workshop Daven teaches attendees the principles he used since the age of 15 to create a series of financially successful businesses in a wide range of industries.

Daven’s businesses have ranged from owning a retail clothing boutique on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, being a hit music producer, being a pioneer in the live electronic music industry, owning and selling a successful paging and telecommunication business, owning a successful voice broadcasting business, and now he is experiencing great success the outsourcing industry.

Despite managing over 400 employees situated on the other side of the world, Daven lives an incredible lifestyle. He is able to pursue his passions of creating music, and writing and producing content for television and film. For most of us traveling around the world and living and working from some of the most exotic locations is something we only dream about but these are part of Daven’s lifestyle.

Daven is not just a speaker and author; he is the CEO of the premier outsourcing service provider 123Employee. He travels around the world speaking and training entrepreneurs while managing a team of over 400 employees from his laptop and cell phone. In addition to teaching entrepreneurs how to outsource their marketing, Daven also teaches the principles for creating a virtual business and incredible lifestyles.

Daven has been an entrepreneur since the age of 15 and has over 30 years of experience creating multiple successful businesses. Today he is the founder and CEO of 123Employee, a premier outsourcing service provider established in 2005, which focuses on helping entrepreneurs with marketing and customer support related tasks

For more information about this topic, or the ‘Beyond Business Live!’ 2014 US Tour, please visit http://www.BeyondBusinessLive.com. Or, to schedule an interview with Daven Michaels, please call 866.549.1296 or e-mail CEO at 123Employee.com.

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