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  • Date: Sep 05, 2014
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40 Days to Enlightened Eating is a fantastic book by an amazing author. Elise Cantrell has so much knowledge about food and nutrition and she freely shares that knowledge in everything she does including her book . Check out the website and the book at http://40daystoenlightenedeating.com Continue reading

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Sep 05, 2014 /prREACH/ -- The 40 Days to Enlightened Eating website showcases the book of the same name by Elise Cantrell. It also features many recipes from the book as well as Elise's story and written and video testimonials from many people who have read the book and gone through the 40 Days program.

Elise shares her knowledge about health and nutrition throughout the website and book. Each chapter of the book is one day with a specific goal, intention, or subject. And each chapter includes a healthy recipe.

40 Days to Enlightened Eating combines the time tested wisdom of sister sciences Yoga and Ayurveda to reinvigorate metabolism, optimize weight, awaken energy and enliven spirit.

According to Elise, modern culture has lost touch with the way the human body was designed to eat resukting in weight gain, sluggish energy, and compromised health with the mind clouded and the spirit dull. When it comes to eating and food, the ancient knowledge and common sense behind Yoga and Ayurveda is needed now more than ever. Rediscovering this wisdom alone can transform the body, mind and spirit in just 40 days.

The enlightened way of eating didn't originate in Beverly Hills or South Beach, but from long ago and far away. The forty days aren't only about losing weight but about gaining health, energy, and vitality. Many eating plans cause weight loss at the expense of energy and health. This plan is developed to lighten not only your body but the mind and spirit too.

40 Days to Enlightened Eating is designed to detoxify the system and reset cravings, appetite, metabolism, and eating patterns. Forty days is considered the spiritually prescribed time period needed to reconstruct habits and forge lasting change.

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I am a 100% satisfied customer! Laura did an exquisite job designing my 40 Days to Enlightened Eating website! She perfectly captured the content, the look and the "vibe" I wanted it to present! Her expertise, insight and knowledge about web marketing was very helpful as we put together the pages. She was great to work with and gave me exactly what I wanted, and it came out even better than I expected! I am grateful!.
- Elise Cantrell, author of 40 Days to Enlightened Eating
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