4k HDMI Cables by RELM Promise High Video And Audio Quality Transfer


Herman Pro, one of the leading players in the US consumer electronic repair industry, has launched a 4k HDMI cable 10 feet for a superior A/V experience. Continue reading


Mar 01, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Herman Pro, one of the leading players in the US consumer electronic repair industry, has launched a 4k HDMI cable 10 feet for a superior A/V experience.

The gold plated HDMI cables offered by the company have been making a big splash ever since their launch on Amazon.

The company says that these RELM 4k HDMI cables are perfect for movie lovers and gaming enthusiasts who like to enjoy a high-definition video and audio experience.

This all-in-one Ethernet cable ensures that users can share their internet connection with several devices all at once. This new 4k HDMI high-speed cable also supports 4k x 2k video and 3D movies as well.

Their 10 feet HDMI cord has been getting good reviews from Amazon customers ever since its launch. One customer, Heather, said, “I have never seen an HDMI cord this long for this price! It is made well and works great! The length opens up the ability to have electronics in different rooms and still be able to use both together!”

Herman Pro HDMI cord 10 ft. supports highest-quality videos (1080p, 2160p, 3D, and more), thanks to the 48-bit deep color feature. With wide-angle theatrical 21:9 quality, users can enjoy a theater-like visual experience at home. This cable can transfer DTS-HD Master Audio and supports an audio sample frequency of up to 1536 kHz. This gives the users the best-quality audio experience that’s hard to find with other low-cost cables in the market.

The 4k HDMI Ethernet cable can transfer 10.2 GBP of high-resolution video and audio and comes with a 19 PIN male-to-male connectors to ensure the quality of audio and video remains unaffected while transmitting.

Highest-resolution video and audio can be transferred from Blu-ray player, Apple TV, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and other HDMI-based devices to television without any quality loss.

HDMI cables have become a necessity for many gamers and movie lovers who want to immerse into high-definition video and audio. But not all HDMI cables are made the same, as evident by several low-quality cables widely available in the market today.

Herman Pro has been in the business since 1963 and they have always pioneered groundbreaking innovations in the electronics industry. Now, with the rapidly advancing A/V market, the company has launched premium HDMI cables that are also budget-friendly.

A satisfied Amazon customer, Lissette, writes, “This is a heavy duty cord. I noticed a nicer, sharper quality image on my TV. Never buying another brand again.”

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The company has long since been devoted to offering an unmatched experience to its customers.

Herman Pro has been one of the largest manufacturers of HDMI cables in the US since 1963 and they have recently launched 4 versions of premium HDMI cables; 6 feet, 10 feet, 25 feet, and 35 feet. Their full range of premium HDMI cables is available on their Amazon store.

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