4Patriots LLC Claims Preparedness Is Answer to Growing Threats


The best way to deal with the wide variety of threats Americans are facing these days is to be prepared, according to 4Patriots. Continue reading

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Aug 08, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Threats are everywhere these days for Americans. The electrical grid is aging and vulnerable, the South and Southwest are facing serious water shortages, and food and energy prices are rising dramatically.

Nashville, Tenn.-based 4Patriots believes that there is only one way for Americans to be prepared for natural and manmade disasters. That's by stocking up on non-perishable food, water and other essential items. The company provides a variety of products that help people become more self-reliant and independent.

"Weather disasters, water and food shortages, daily cyber attacks on our electrical grid...these are just some of the events that many Americans are not yet ready to handle," said 4Patriots Partner Allen Baler, whose company launched in 2008 as Reboot Marketing and was named to the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies in America in 2013.

"Every year it seems like we get hit with more emergency situations, and at some point only those who are prepared for them are going to be able to avoid heading to FEMA centers. It should be our goal to be as prepared as possible, which will lead to peace of mind when we're facing a very uncertain future.

"We can stockpile good tasting and nutritious food with a long shelf life, generate our own power with solar panels, purify contaminated water, and store heirloom seeds."

4Patriots products include:

* Food4Patriots (www.Food4Patriots.com), a long-term food survival solution consisting of pre-packaged kits of survival food rated for 25 years of storage, available in 72-hour, four-week and three-month supplies.

* Water4Patriots (www.Water4Patriots.com), which launched recently with its first product, the LifeStraw personal water filter, designed to provide the user with safe, clean drinking water in almost any situation.

* Power4Patriots (www.Power4Patriots.com), a series of Do-It-Yourself videos and manuals (printed and electronic) showing how to build solar panels, a wind turbine, a solar water heater and a solar air heater.

* SurvivalSeeds4Patriots (www.SurvivalSeeds4Patriots.com), a seed vault containing approximately 5,640 survival seeds from 21 varieties of heirloom and non-genetically modified seeds, rated for five-plus years of storage.

* Patriot Power Generator (www.PatriotPowerGenerator.com), a portable solar generator designed to provide electricity for important devices and equipment during a power outage or disaster situation.

4Patriots' full-color, 16-page monthly newsletter titled the Patriot Alliance Messenger and the company's blog provide readers with information on essential subjects including privacy, solar/wind power, survival seeds, home and self-defense, healthcare and much more, so that they can become more self-reliant and independent from government and big business.

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"Weather disasters, water and food shortages, daily cyber attacks on our electrical grid...these are just some of the events that many Americans are not yet ready to handle."
- Allen Baler, 4Patriots Partner
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