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    6 Reasons Why The Cleanliness of a Business Helps It Succeed by Anago Western PA

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    Anago Cleaning Systems of Western PA a multi award-winning full-service commercial cleaning company since 1989 offers 6 Reasons Why the Cleanliness of a Business is an Important Factor to its Success.

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    In today’s highly competitive business environment, a clean building is no longer an option - it’s essential. In fact, according to David Frank, cleaning industry leader for 30 years and President of the American Institute for Cleaning Sciences “cleaning is good for business.”

    Cleaning enhances the image and appearance of a building by positively influencing the perception of a business by its employees, customers and prospects.

    Cleaning protects and preserves assets by properly caring for carpets, floors and surfaces so they do not need to be replaced before their time.

    Cleaning improves health and hygiene by protecting employees from the risk of infectious diseases and cross-contamination.

    Cleaning increases safety and reduces risks by improving the bottom line of a business by providing a safe work environment which reduces possible risks and liability.

    Clean buildings promote healthy children and help schools save money by significantly reducing the spread of disease. If enough sick kids stay home it can ultimately reduce the funding for a school. This can also be true for teachers who work closely with children and often catch what is going around.

    "Anago strives for the cleanest facilities possible." says Bill Ross, owner of Anago of Western PA. "Helping companies reach peak level performance with cleanliness is a passion".

    Anago enjoys working with clients from leading facilities in multiple industries including health care, where the highest level of cleanliness is essential. Customers always receive a 100% satisfaction guarantee, a guaranteed two-hour response time, and the hands-on involvement of Bill Ross. All of Anago’s cleaning professionals are licensed, bonded, and covered under a multi-million dollar insurance program. For these reasons and more, Anago has become the superior choice for commercial cleaning.

    Anago is committed to protecting and enhancing the image of a business. For more information or for a free personalized quote please contact Anago at 412.257.3060 or visit their website at www.AnagoWPA.com.

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    Research studies show that a clean, healthy environment increases employee morale and productivity and decreases tardiness, sick days, and turnover.
    - Dr. Michael Berry, 28-year former EPA Scientist and Research Professor at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
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