Acclaimed Investment Strategist Harry Dent Warns Of Coming 2017 Global Depression


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Sep 21, 2016 /prREACH/ -- [email protected]

September 21, 2016


Scottsdale, AZ –Real estate and economics podcaster Jason Hartman and renowned economist Harry Dent engaged in a deep discussion that ended with dire predictions about the global economy. Dent explained China’s precarious position as an economic superpower, the state of the investment banking industry, and why the United States will see plummeting interest rates.

Both Hartman and Dent didn’t hold back in bashing the current state of the banking industry and its previous contribution to the 2008 Great Recession. Dent believes banks have gotten so big and complex that they’re forgetting what they’re meant to do.

Despite a couple of years of down markets, the U.S. economy has rebounded, resulting in skyrocketing stock and real estate asset classes… but neither Dent nor Hartman buy the numbers given how much stimulation government and the Federal Reserve have injected.

Dent sees 2017 as the year when bubbles burst and markets tumble, and he thinks that – unlike 2008 and 2009 – the rich will pay dearly. To prepare for the crash, Dent recommends investors to start looking at affordable residential real estate in boring markets. He predicts interest rates will decline and upscale home prices will become depressed. The topic of conversation then shifted to China’s bear economy. Dent and Hartman agreed that the worst has yet to be seen.

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"The rich people are the dumbest because they think they’re invulnerable,” Dent said. “They think they’re always going to be rich and right." “Banks don’t lend money anymore,” Dent said. “They speculate in the stock and commodities markets.” “The prosperity of the United States over the past six or seven years is an illusion,” Hartman said. “It’s a game of smoke and mirrors. We’re not as prosperous as we think we are. We get to be irresponsible because we have the reserve currency and the military maintain our hegemony.” “The rich people are the dumbest because they think they’re invulnerable,” Dent said. “They think they’re always going to be rich and right. The worst markets are super expensive, which is where the rich live and own. Palm Beach / Miami, Manhattan, San Francisco, Martha’s Vineyard, Shanghai, London, Sydney, Vancouver are going to get plastered. Bubbles always burst. The bigger the bubble, the bigger the burst.” “The everyday house is the best investment option when the bubble bursts,” Dent said. “China’s workforce has already peaked,” Dent said. “They overbuilt their infrastructures, industry, and housing. They’ve been building and preparing stuff for nobody. China is the last place I’d want to be in the world because they will have unbelievable urban unrest. And the wealthy Chinese are greater fools. They are getting money out of their country and buying expensive real estate in the U.S. before their economy explodes.”
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