Activated Charcoal Odor Absorber Receives Accolades from Amazon Shoppers


My 4Eva Green’s activated charcoal odor absorber has been receiving recommendations from customers on Amazon. The product is extremely effective in removing unwanted odors in the home, office, RV, storage unit or any other place. Continue reading


Huntersville , NC , Jul 30, 2020 /prREACH/ -- My 4Eva Green is pleased to share that its recently launched activated charcoal odor absorber has received excellent reviews from many of its customers on Amazon. The product has already received the coveted Amazon's Choice badge. With three 150-gram packs of activated charcoal per box, this air purifier is capable of removing all types of unwanted odors, from smoke to smelly gym shoes.

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When looking to remove nasty odors, many people try an indoor air purifier. However, there are many types of purifiers that contain various chemical substances that are then emitted into a home's air. These chemicals, called volatile active compounds, or VOCs, can be dangerous. They have been linked as a possible cause of allergic reactions, eye and skin irritations and nervous system problems. Many of these air fresheners just cover a bad smell without actually removing the odor-causing bacteria.

A spokesperson from My 4Eva Green says, "Rather than just masking the odors, the odors need to be neutralized. One way to achieve this is by using charcoal. Instead of just masking the odor, charcoal removes the smell by adsorbing the harmful particles from the air, not by covering up the bad smell."

The activated charcoal odor absorber from My 4Eva Green can be used in all areas that are prone to foul odors. The product is not only suitable as an activated charcoal odor absorber for large rooms but also for bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry bags, closets, gym bags, shoes and cars. It is also a must-have product for households with pets.

The product is receiving top ratings from satisfied Amazon shoppers. Some of them have even recommended it as the best activated charcoal odor absorber they have ever used. "I used the odor absorber in my closet, my husband's closet, and my car. In just a few days, it has removed the musky odors in the closets and smelly boy football odors in my car. I am most excited that as long as I put it in the sun once a month, it can last up to two years!! Great product," a delighted user writes.

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