Adult Sports Games Launches Sexy Sports Games For Couples


Adult Sports Games™ has launched four adult games for bringing couples together while they watch sports teams play. The adult games help couples share quality time filled with romance, excitement and fun while watching sports games.

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Nov 14, 2015 /prREACH/ -- Nichole Carpenter, the founder of Adult Sports Games™ in Boise, Idaho announces the launch of four sexy adult games that bring couples together while watching sports games. Adult games are available for baseball, basketball, football and soccer. Each game consists of a downloadable set of rules for couples to accumulate “intimate time” while they are watching sports teams play.

The point system is a points and penalties chart created around the rules of the game being played. Points are measured in units of time. Partners choose teams and can earn or lose points based on the actions of the team they have chosen.

For instance a goal might add 30 seconds while a foul might take away 5 seconds. The adult players keep score and can use their accumulated time to pleasure or be pleasured by their partner either during breaks in the game or after the game.

While watching Baseball games points are determined by the performance of the teams while at bat and on the field. There are 26 entries the points and penalty chart for Baseball. Singles, doubles, triples, base on, balls, strike outs and home runs along with other activities can add up to a lot of pleasure time.

Similarly, the rules for watching basketball games award or revoke points for actions by offensive and defensive players on the teams. Basketball has 21 entries on the points and penalty chart. Free-throws, three pointers, double dribbles, technical, assists and baskets can make all the difference in the final outcomes for the couples watching the game.

Of the four adult games Football has the most entries in the points and penalty chart. The offense has 18 entries while the defense comes in with 24 for a total of 42 ways to pick up or lose time. Scoring drives, extra points, penalties, first downs, off-sides, touchdowns and many more entries can turn football into a game both couples look forward to watching.

Like the baseball, basketball and football adult games, piling up the pleasure points while watching a Soccer tournament depends on the actions of the defensive and offensive players. The soccer game has 14 entries in the points and penalties chart. The free kicks, out of bounds, clears, back headers, front headers, attacks, counterattacks and goals shape the final pleasure score for this game.

Adult Sports Games sells their games directly to consumers on their website at Purchasers will be able to download a PDF™ file containing the rules. Each game is sold separately. During the launch for every 500 units sold Adult Sports Games will award two prizes of either a $150 or a $300 Visa gift card. Purchase is required to participate.

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Nichole Carpenter

In a recent interview Carpenter said “At Adult Sports Games we give couples sexy ways to play with the ones they love like or just want to have fun with while watching sports games. At the end of the game no matter which team wins both partners will score. I created Adult Sports Games for both men and women. Men can enjoy the company of their partners while they watch their favorite sports teams play. Women can forget about being lonely sports widows and join and enjoy watching the games with their partners”
- Nichole Carpenter
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