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Air & Surface Logistics, a freight forwarder and international shipping company located in the Los Angeles area, has entered the specialized field of amusement rides and related theme park equipment transport, including roller coasters and other attractions. Continue reading

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Jun 13, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Around the world, amusement parks are some of the most popular summer destinations for families.  Amusement parks often feature attractions such as roller coasters and other thrill rides.  However, many do not realize that a large number of these attractions are fabricated overseas by a small group of manufacturers, who then ship to parks and locations around the world.  Air & Surface Logistics, an international shipping and freight forwarding company located at, has entered the specialized field of amusement ride transport with the recent acquisition of certain assets of GAC International Transport, a New Jersey company specializing in shipping of these unique items.

GAC International Transport and its staff brought to the table years of experience with many major amusement and theme park venues such as Six Flags, Disney, regional amusement parks and traveling fairs.  By combining the strengths of both companies, Air & Surface Logistics is now positioned to aggressively expand its market presence in the amusement and attractions industry, including working with shippers on the importation of new rides from European manufacturers as well as the global repositioning of used rides. Brokers who handle the sale and transport of these rides often rely on project cargo specialists such as Air & Surface Logistics to handle the unique transportation needs of this type of equipment, as seen here: .  Depending on the size of the ride, this may mean ground transportation, rail shipping, air cargo or some combination of the three.

Air & Surface Logistics is excited about the prospect of working with ride operators, brokers and amusement park owners around the world to ensure the timely and efficient transportation of these unique and often unusual shipments.

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