Amazon Advertising Demand-Side (DSP) Platform UK Targets Shoppers Ready to Spend, Says Expert


The advertising management experts at Clear Ads recommend the Amazon advertising demand-side platform as a useful tool for marketers to target shoppers ready to spend. Amazon’s DSP has expanded into mixed media advertising to increase audience reach and bolster brand awareness. Continue reading


23 Whitestone Way, Jan 07, 2021 /prREACH/ -- The UK’s leading Amazon Ads marketing agency, Clear Ads, suggests that the Amazon advertising demand side platform (DSP) is an effective tool for targeting shoppers ready to spend. The company’s highly skilled team is dedicated to helping vendors recognize their target audience, identify the best areas to place their products and put together the right advertising content to maximize product visibility and sales within an allocated budget.

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Amazon DSP enables advertisers to programmatically buy display, video and audio ads on Amazon sites and apps and outside Amazon through its publishing partners and third-party exchanges. DSP can improve relevance and results with a single view across devices and formats.

The company’s founder and CEO, George Meressa, says, “While there are many different demand side platforms that marketers can choose from, Amazon’s DSP has been growing at a remarkable rate, with marketers increasing their platform spending by 44% between Q3 and Q4 2019.”

Meressa suggests this growth is driven by two factors: Amazon’s natural advantage in targeting due to the huge amount of data it holds over consumer behaviors, buying trends and Amazon’s recent significant expansion.

In the past, Amazon’s DSP dealt in display ads from its marketplace and associated properties, such as Audible and IMDb. A new venture into the mixed media landscape has seen Amazon expand into alternative ad formats, such as video and streaming. This expansion has already demonstrated that it can provide today’s marketers with a way to reach even more audience pools and relevant consumers.

Meressa addresses a common trend seen among shoppers. “Customers are keen to use the same brand to meet all their needs, which means that Apple users are more likely to consider Apple TV over Amazon Fire,” he says. “Through expanding ad formats and ad environments, marketers can continue to benefit from the Amazon DSP while gaining access to previously hard-to-reach demographics.”

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused the worldwide market to struggle, and the resulting business closures, pay cuts and job losses have contributed to a decrease in consumer spending. Meressa suggests marketers should consider shifting focus from sales to increasing brand awareness online during this time.

He points out, “Even before the coronavirus crisis, it had been reported that 60% of adults used streaming services to watch TV. At a time when retail sales are down, yet media consumption is up, Amazon’s DSP — and more importantly, the use of its DSP to expand into other formats, such as video and streaming — can be one of the most effective ways to maintain and build brand awareness, creating a strong, loyal and engaged audience base ready for when consumer behavior begins to edge back to 2019 levels… and then grows further.”

Those interested in additional information about Clear Ads management services and the benefits of the Amazon demand side platform should visit the company’s official website.


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