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Clear Ads, a noted expert in the Amazon advertising demand-side platform, has recently started offering self-service agency exclusive access to this platform. This globally recognized Amazon ads agency helps drive more sales and better ROI for sellers. Continue reading


23 Whitestone Way, Jan 04, 2021 /prREACH/ -- To further improve its service offering, Clear Ads is now offering an Amazon advertising demand side platform self-service option for its customers. An acclaimed Amazon ads agency, the company has been instrumental in assisting many e-commerce brands in scaling their business by optimizing their Amazon ads' performance. In addition to Amazon DSP, Clear Ads also offers specialized service in Amazon PPC ads.

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Also known as Amazon DSP, the Amazon demand side platform is an advertising program that lets brands advertise to potential customers efficiently and effectively at scale. Amazon DSP ads can appear not only on Amazon but also across websites, social media sites, mobile apps and online video channels. It is the only way to access advertising inventory exclusively available on Amazon's collection of online properties and devices, such as Kindle, Fire TV, IMDb and more.

Until 2018, Amazon DSP was available only through Amazon's in-house campaign management team, known as Managed Services. However, since 2018, self-service DSP has become available through various agencies. This was a significant development for brands, primarily because of the cost-savings and lower line-item minimums.

In addition to lower line-item minimums and required spend, brands now consider self-service DSP because it allows brands to structure campaign budgets and bids at a far more granular level.

Multiple audiences and ad placements are often targeted with the same budget and bid because of line-item limitations on the managed side. Managed service campaigns also usually advertise more than one product in a line item, resulting in poor performance due to decreased relevance. The flexible campaign configurations available through self-service allow brands to advertise through more efficient and relevant paths. Rather than using the same bid for all ad inventory sources, it's possible to bid according to supply and demand.

"Compared to managed services, we can get your products to appear across Amazon and other supply-side platforms at a competitive rate. Amazon will require you to have either $35,000 (in the US) or £10,000 (in the UK) to get started. Our self-service agency exclusive access can get you started at a fraction of the price and provide you with far more transparency," said a spokesperson from Clear Ads.

More about the Amazon DSP business, Clear Ads, by visiting the company's official website.


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