Amazon Advertising Demand-Side Platform (DSP) Business Shares Insights into Ad-Spend Optimization


Clear Ads has recently shared insightful details related to ad-spend optimization. This Amazon advertising demand-side platform business has a wealth of experience in managing Amazon Sponsored Product campaigns. Continue reading


23 Whitestone Way, Jan 06, 2021 /prREACH/ -- Clear Ads, a business with specialized skills in the Amazon advertising demand side platform, has recently discussed the importance of ad-spend optimization for e-commerce sellers. This UK-based company helps brands overcome the barrier for entering Amazon DSP and ensures that their products appear across Amazon and other supply-side-platforms without spending a fortune. Compared to Amazon’s managed service, Clear Ads’ self-service agency exclusive access is available at a fraction of the price.

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According to Clear Ads, ad-spend optimization is essential for ensuring a return on ad spend (ROAS). It’s nice to get a lot of clicks, but they’re not worth much if that’s the only action the customer takes. Similarly, just making people enter the funnel doesn’t make an ad campaign productive in terms of revenue.

The Amazon DSP business recommends the following steps for ad-spend optimization:

  • Focusing on targeting and retargeting
  • Getting granular with data
  • Running consistent split tests for ads
  • Using the right keywords to get ready-to-buy customers
  • Optimization of the landing page to ensure conversion

“By focusing on your ad spend and ad revenue, you can pinpoint where you need to improve. If you’re just getting started, then it’s time to focus on these proven tactics. These strategies will get you going on a path towards a higher ROAS and a healthier digital advertising campaign,” said a senior spokesperson from Clear Ads.

Clear Ads was founded in 2011 to help small-and-medium-sized companies advertise through Google AdWords. Since then, the company’s highly qualified account managers have helped more than 200 companies gain better exposure through Google Ads and Amazon.

The Amazon, demand side platform, is a crucial area of specialization for Clear Ads. The company’s Amazon DSP self-service starts with an account audit to understand how a campaign performs and identifies opportunities for improvement. After identifying a client’s ideal shoppers and target audiences, Clear Ads creates a bidding strategy that works for the client’s budget and products and identifies optimum placements. It also creates compelling, useful ad text to make sponsored ads stand out.

The teams at Clear Ads are true professionals when it comes to Amazon advertising. They have an acute understanding of the platform, what will work, and how to continuously improve on campaigns. We started with Clear Ads, not 100% certain we could run on the DSP platform; however, George (the CEO) was kind enough to put an offer in place we could not turn down. We are seeing some solid returns thus far and will continue to scale spend with Clear Ads,” says a highly impressed Clear Ads client.

To find out more about Clear Ads and its Amazon demand side platform service, please visit the company’s official website.


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