Amazon Advertising Demand-Side Platform DSP Business Offers Service Case Studies Showcasing Successful Clients


The Clear Ads website currently offers several service case studies showcasing the success of its clientele. With ten years of experience, the Amazon advertising demand-side platform DSP business is the UK’s top Amazon marketing specialists. Continue reading


London, Croydon, Mar 18, 2021 /prREACH/ -- Clear Ads, the UK's top Amazon advertising demand side platform DSP business, employs a dedicated team of Amazon marketing specialists to help clients lower their ACoS, boost revenue, and increase profits with ROI-focused (return on investment) solutions. The company is happy to highlight that its website features service case studies showcasing successful clients.

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Providing case studies is as important as client reviews when demonstrating a business's successes. It gives potential clients an engaging and persuasive story of why a business is worth its services. "Our clients have trusted Clear Ads to help them perform better on Amazon since 2011. From increasing traffic to growing sales, our Amazon PPC and DSP experts have partnered with thousands of businesses to improve ad performance and make a noticeable difference to their bottom line," says George Meressa, the company's founder and CEO.

To give a little sample of what the Amazon DSP business has done for its clientele, Meressa says, "One particular advertiser wanted to gain more traffic through another avenue other than Google Ads, Amazon Seller Central and Vendor Central Ads. We, therefore, got his campaigns running on DSP and were easily able to generate traffic at a far cheaper cost-per-click gained from other paid advertising platforms and achieve a ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) of 20, which is equivalent to an ACoS of 5%."

Amazon DSP is the company's go-to marketing tool for its natural advantage in targeting due to the huge amount of data Amazon holds over consumer behaviors and buying trends. This is thanks to its integrated e-commerce platform as well as for its ever-expanding ad environment, venturing past traditional display ads into video and streaming ads to match today's current upwards trend in online usage.

There is no shortage of praise from happy Clear Ads clients experiencing success with Amazon demand side platform. One success story reads, "The team at Clear Ads are true professionals when it comes to Amazon advertising. They have an acute understanding of the platform, what will work, and continuously improve on campaigns. We started with Clear Ads, not 100% certain we would be able to run on the DSP platform; however, George (the CEO) was kind enough to put an offer in place we could not turn down. We are seeing some solid returns thus far and will continue to scale spend with Clear Ads."

For those wanting more information about Amazon advertising platform services with Clear Ads, please visit the company's official website.



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