Amazon Advertising Demand-Side Platform DSP Business Offers Rates in USD and GBP


Clear Ads is now offering Amazon advertising demand-side platform services in GBP and USD. The agency is available for Amazon sellers in the United States, the United Kingdom and abroad. Continue reading


London, Croydon, Mar 22, 2021 /prREACH/ -- Clear Ads is pleased to announce that it is now offering service rates in USD for American Amazon sellers. Clear Ads is already the leading Amazon advertising demand side platform (DSP) business in the United Kingdom. The company's GBP pricing for Amazon sellers in the UK and EU remains the same.

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The company's team of Amazon marketing specialists focuses on maximizing revenue from ad spend at a very competitive rate. Clear Ads uses ad revenue as a guide for its pricing model. After ad revenue exceeds either 70,000 USD or 70,000 GBP, the pricing model reverts from a minimum monthly payment to a percentage of ad revenue per month. All pricing categories include keyword research, monthly calls and monthly reports.

"We're confident you'll love our service, so there's no long-term contract and no expensive monthly commitment," says the company's founder and CEO, George Meressa. "We'll use all of our experience, knowledge and know-how to wring out every last sale from your Sponsored Ads budget."

The company highlights what it calls "The Clear Ads Difference" as:

  • Utilizing Amazon Sponsored Ads to improve seller's sales significantly
  • Driving down seller ACoS for extreme cost-effectiveness
  • Facilitating growth by increasing sales and revenue
  • Fully managed service, delivered by an expert Amazon advertising agency
  • Flexible contracts, great value for money and a results-focused approach
  • More than 10 years experience managing Amazon Sponsored Product Ads campaigns
  • Amazon PPC experts
  • One-to-one contact and a personal approach

Clear Ads clients from around the globe have benefited greatly from the company's Amazon advertising platform services. One business from the United States reports, "Clear Ads did a great job cleaning up our Sponsored Ads, and they have done a fantastic job with DSP. Our ACoS is low, and it has helped us to achieve profitable advertising on Amazon. George is a great guy and works hard to deliver results."

Another client from Israel says, "Great service! George and the team are great, very helpful, and great vibes. They are doing a great job with my Amazon advertising. DSP is amazing."

For those interested in a free consultation with Clear Ads and to learn more about the Amazon DSP business, please visit the official company website.



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