Amazon Advertising Demand Side Platform UK Expert Discusses E-commerce Opportunities During Pandemic


Advertising agency, Clear Ads, discusses Amazon advertising demand-side platform as an effective marketing tool to open up e-commerce opportunities during the pandemic. Continue reading


23 Whitestone Way, Mar 16, 2021 /prREACH/ -- Globally recognized as Amazon advertising demand side platform (DSP) experts, the UK-based company, Clear Ads, has recently discussed e-commerce opportunities during the pandemic. With ten years in the industry as a paid digital advertising agency, Clear Ads is well-versed in utilizing Amazon’s DSP as a superior marketing tool.

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The Coronavirus pandemic has been the root of economic upheaval worldwide for the last year. Countries have mandated various degrees of lockdown orders around the world, forcing the large majority of people to change their shopping habits, work environments, and social activities.

However, this disruption to “business as usual” has provided further opportunities in one significant sector — e-commerce. Many stores and businesses have been forced to close physical brick and mortar locations, which has created a surge in the need to move into the online sphere to access consumers.

The company advises that Amazon’s DSP is staying on pace with how people at home have shifted their use of the internet for services, shopping and entertainment. Although the pandemic has brought about business closures, job losses and an overall decrease in consumer spending, the company says this is not a reason to pause marketing campaigns. “Amazon’s expansion of its use of its DSP could be exactly what marketers need to succeed,” says George Meressa, Clear Ads CEO.

This expansion is Amazon’s venture into streaming and video ads. Through the use of the platform’s own Fire TV network, DSP has opened expansion into connected TV, enabling Amazon Ads users to programmatically purchase TV video placements, bridging the gap between linear television advertising and contemporary digital media.

And the ability for Amazon to stream ads through its DSP opens up another marketing avenue. Meressa explains, “To date, Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation, and Android TV have been highlighted as potential targets for expanding Amazon’s streaming ads through its DSP. The proposed partnerships would enable both new and existing Amazon Ads users to purchase streaming placements programmatically outside of Amazon’s media estate for the first time.”

By combining Amazon’s expansion into additional ad environments both on and off Amazon with its vital customer data, Amazon’s DSP has become a powerhouse for marketers who can retain Amazon data access while reaching new demographics. “At a time when retail sales are down, yet media consumption is up, Amazon’s DSP can be one of the most effective ways to maintain and build brand awareness, creating a strong, loyal, and engaged audience base ready for when consumer behavior begins to edge back to 2019 levels…and then grows further,” Meressa concludes.

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