Amazon Advertising DSP Self Service Agency for Business UK Sees Big Growth in Clientele


Clear Ads, an Amazon DSP self-service business, is happy to reports significant growth in clientele. The company advises e-commerce sellers to use Amazon DSP as an effective marketing strategy and provides services to aid sellers on this platform. Continue reading


23 Whitestone Way, Nov 20, 2020 /prREACH/ -- As the UK’s top Amazon DSP self-service business, Clear Ads is happy to report impressive clientele growth. Although the paid digital advertising agency focuses on Amazon ad campaign management services, it also provides eBay Ads management, Google AdWords management and Amazon PPC training.

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Clear Ads Director, George Meressa, has been in the digital advertising space since 2009. He’s worked on a wide range of services, including Google, Amazon, Bing, LinkedIn and Facebook pay-per-click platforms. He has worked with thousands of advertisers across the world in numerous industries and sectors. Meressa and the Clear Ads team provide the following qualities in their services:

  • More than 10 years of experience managing Amazon Sponsored Ads campaigns.
  • A team of Amazon PPC and demand-side platform (DSP) experts.
  • One-on-one contact and a personal approach.
  • No long-term contract and no expensive monthly commitment.
  • Extensive experience, knowledge and know-how to maximize every last sale from advertising budgets.

Meressa advises e-commerce sellers to take advantage of Amazon DSP as an effective marketing tool. He explains, “Amazon’s demand-side platform has fast become an integral part of many a marketer’s digital advertising strategies. The advanced programmatic solution has allowed for businesses to automatically bid on ads through the platform in a real-time environment, optimizing targeting and ensuring placement of relevant ads to the right people, at the right time.”

The Amazon advertising experts at Clear Ads are receiving recommendations from satisfied clients. One client reports, “I have tried a lot of agencies for our Amazon DSP management, and they were underperforming across the board. So I was skeptical with Clear Ads at first and was looking at the data very carefully. I can say that it was the best decision to work with George and his coworkers from Clear Ads, as they have been very sophisticated and competent in their communication and their work!” The client continues, “We are even testing different strategies together and are keen to find out more tricks to optimize this beast of an advertising platform. I am looking forward to the future and can recommend this service to anyone who is looking for a professional DSP Agency.”

Another client shares, “After spending a lot of time and money with groups that were never able to fully optimize our ad spend, we took a chance with Clear Ads Ltd. and haven't looked back. George and his team are not only highly respected experts in their field of work, but the personal touch that our company has received from the start has been great. Most companies have several questions when it comes to all the moving pieces involved in successful advertising. The Clear Ads team really takes the lead in the process while at the same time teaches how they are able to best optimize our ad spend… Highly recommended!

To find more information about the Amazon DSP UK company, Clear Ads, and its range of professional services, please visit the company’s official website.


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