Amazon Demand Side Platform Advertising Agency Receives Accolades on Trustpilot


Clear Ads Ltd. has received accolades on the trusted online review site Trustpilot. The Amazon advertising demand-side platform agency’s excellent rating is reflected in outstanding clientele testimony. Continue reading


23 Whitestone Way, Jan 09, 2021 /prREACH/ -- Clear Ads Ltd. is a globally recognized Amazon advertising demand side platform agency based in the UK that offers proactive, results-focused account management services. The company has recently reported that it has achieved an “Excellent” rating on Trustpilot. Founded in Denmark in 2007, Trustpilot is a consumer review website that hosts reviews of businesses worldwide and sees nearly 1 million new reviews each month.

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The company’s clientele is impressed with the results achieved and often leave detailed testimony of their success working with the Clear Ads demand side platform (DSP) team. A client from the US reports, “I love working with Clear Ads Limited. It taught my team and me how to use DSP and get results as stunning as a 26 ROAS (return on ad spend). That's a 3.8% ACoS (advertising cost of sale). Its bottom-up funnel approach helps scale Amazon businesses without overspending.”

Amazon DSP has become the company’s recommendation for marketers looking to achieve a quality advertising strategy. George Meressa, the CEO of Clear Ads Ltd., explains, “The advanced programmatic solution has allowed for businesses to automatically bid on ads through the platform in a real-time environment, optimizing targeting and ensuring placement of relevant ads to the right people, at the right time.”

Retailers have steadily relied on Amazon’s unique drawing card that other DSPs lack: the huge amount of data Amazon holds over consumer behaviors and buying trends. That said, expanding audience reach beyond the Amazon market is of great importance to advertisers. Hence, Amazon has found a way to further its appeal, providing marketers access to its data while reaching new demographics.

As a result, Amazon has ventured beyond focusing on display ads and has been relying on its established DSP to enter into the mixed media landscape, expanding into alternative ad formats such as video and streaming.

The amazon advertising agency highlights that there are significant advantages to Amazon’s move into mixed media. For example, Meressa says that using its DSP to expand its video ad capabilities from the Web to the platform’s Fire TV network has allowed Amazon to branch into connected television (CTV).

“This has enabled Amazon Ads users to purchase TV video placements programmatically. These CTV video ads have allowed marketers to bridge the gap between linear television advertising and contemporary digital media, and the shift appears to be working,” he says.

Meressa also touches on the expansion into streaming, which is currently a hot area of interest. “To date, Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation and Android TV have been highlighted as potential targets for expanding Amazon’s streaming ads through its DSP,” he says. Meressa further explains that these potential partnerships will, for the first time, allow new and existing Amazon Ads users to purchase streaming placements programmatically, outside of Amazon’s media estate.

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