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Clear Ads Ltd. reflects on the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the online marketplace. The Amazon demand-side platform advertising agency suggests Amazon DSP is the ideal marketing tool to engage consumers during these unprecedented times. Continue reading


23 Whitestone Way, Jan 05, 2021 /prREACH/ -- The UK's prominent Amazon demand side platform (DSP) advertising agency, Clear Ads Ltd, delivers exceptional results across the Amazon marketplace, focusing on boosting profits while significantly reducing the cost-of-sale for its clients. The company recently reflected on the changes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and what marketers can do to work within the changing e-commerce space.

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The Coronavirus pandemic has had a considerable global impact on shifting consumer habits, from how people shop to what products they purchase and, ultimately, how much money is flowing into the online marketplace. The unfortunate business closures, pay cuts and job losses due to the pandemic have contributed to an overall decrease in online spending. However, the company advises that this current trend is not a reason to pause all marketing campaigns, but rather a case to shift focus on building brand awareness online.

Amazon embarked on its venture to expand its DSP from display ads into alternative ad formats, such as video and streaming, in 2019, before the onset of the pandemic. However, Clear Ads Ltd. founder George Meressa says this shift could not have come at a better time for businesses.

"Of course, 2020 has seen practically every business having to adapt to a 'new normal' and operate under a new and unexpected business landscape. But even under the current conditions, Amazon's expansion of its use of DSP could be exactly what marketers need to succeed," Meressa explains.

The company says that even though spending has been down, there has been a noticeable increase in online shopping and demand for streaming services. By branching into video and streaming ad opportunities, Amazon has positioned its DSP as a unique advertising platform, offering businesses a way to diversify their marketing efforts and build an off-Amazon brand while still being provided with access to the valuable data held by the Amazon DSP.

According to Clear Ads, with consumers spending more time at home, online streaming services saw a large boost in media consumption in 2020; Apple reported a record for streaming during the pandemic. That said, Meressa notes that the pandemic is not the sole contributor to consumer streaming habits.

"Even before the Coronavirus crisis, it had been reported that 60% of adults used streaming services to watch TV. At a time when retail sales are down, yet media consumption is up, Amazon's DSP — and more importantly, the use of its DSP to expand into other formats such as video and streaming — can be one of the most effective ways to maintain and build brand awareness, creating a strong, loyal and engaged audience base ready for when consumer behavior begins to edge back to 2019 levels...and then grows further.

"The recent addition of streaming media outlets as an advertising destination is the next logical step," he concludes.

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