Amazon Digital Marketing Surpasses Google as Most Used by Advertisers


George Meressa of Clear Ads Ltd., recently discussed Amazon digital marketing as the new number one choice for advertisers over Google, with an impressive 41% of advertisers now utilizing Amazon DSP. Continue reading

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23 Whitestone Way, Mar 21, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Clear Ads Ltd. founder, George Meressa, recently outlined why Amazon digital marketing has quickly surpassed Google as the number one demand side platform (DSP) used globally, with 41% of advertisers making use of the Amazon DSP. He says, "According to new research from the DSP Report from Advertiser Perceptions, Amazon is the number one choice for advertisers while Google has now landed in third place. The study, which focuses on advertiser perceptions, was unveiled in December 2019."

Meressa summarized the advantages of using Amazon DSP, "It allows advertisers to access a range of programmatic advertising actions, which include both display and video ads. Using this format, advertisers can then reach the right audience and engage with prospects. The DSP extends beyond the boundaries of Amazon itself, to encompass a variety of other trusted platforms and partnerships, ensuring ads have plenty of reach and efficiency."

Amazon DSP allows ads to be created using in-stream video advertising, text and image ads, mobile banners, mobile interstitial ads and desktop display ads. "Every format under this umbrella can be utilized to help make fantastic ads that really appeal to the target audience, and this capability has ensured that Amazon DSP rises to the top," Meressa explained.

Efficiency, control, targeting, reach and savings are key factors advertisers are looking for in a DSP, with reliability being of utmost importance. The added capability for advertisers to work with clients off-Amazon, the capacity to handle even large tasks efficiently and the ability for companies to extend their reach beyond what they may consider to be the existing limitations are some of the reasons why Amazon DSP is surpassing Google in reputation.

Amazon marketing services (AMS advertising), provides companies the potential to capture existing demand for the products it sells and drive profitable return on ad spending. When paired with Amazon DSP, the two platforms create tremendous value for companies through re-engaging interested shoppers while reaching new customers in creative formats.

Clear Ads Ltd. also offers Amazon PPC management services for companies looking to obtain added value to their marketing budgets and broaden their reach to target audiences.

For those interested in additional information about the services offered by Clear Ads Ltd., please visit the official company website.


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