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Clear Ads, an expert Amazon advertising agency, recently discussed how Amazon DSP is a good opportunity for businesses. Clear Ads has mastered the platform to get the best return on investment for its clients. Continue reading

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23 Whitestone Way, Sep 04, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Clear Ads is a leading Amazon advertising agency based out of London, UK. Company founder, George Meressa, recently discussed how Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) is a good opportunity for businesses in the UK. With a steadily increasing number of sellers across the Amazon Marketplace, it has become increasingly important for online sellers to find an edge for their products.

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Clear Ads was one of the first companies in the UK to start offering Amazon ad campaign management services, and since then, it has become the core of its business. The company has dedicated extensive time and resources to mastering the platform to get the best return-on-investment (ROI) for its clients.

A demand side platform is a system that allows buyers of digital advertising inventory to manage multiple ad exchange and data exchange accounts through one interface. For Amazon DSP, this enables advertisers to programmatically buy display, video and audio ads on and off Amazon. "This provides a good opportunity for Amazon sellers," explains Meressa. "Amazon DSP allows advertisers to maximize retargeting efforts to grow demand for products."

Online sellers need to keep re-engaging potential customers or risk losing them to competitors. The advantage of Amazon DSP is that it is available to advertisers whether they sell products on Amazon or not. It also can increase brand awareness, a crucial foundation for acquiring new customers. The company lists some advantages that make Amazon DSP a good opportunity for business:

  • Reach target audiences via the Amazon website, Kindle, Fire TV, IMDB, FreeDrive, approved third party providers and apps.
  • Raise awareness of products, highlight benefits and features and drive demand and engagement.
  • Create ads that encompass a wide range of formats, including Mobile Interstitial Ads, Mobile Banner Ads, Desktop Display Ads, Image and Text Ads and In-stream Video Ads.
  • Brands can access a wide range of customers and potential customers, comprised of In-Market audiences and Lifestyle audiences.

An Amazon Advertising article explains, "You can use Amazon DSP to support a wide variety of advertising goals. For example, for audiences that have already visited your product page, you can remarket to them on Amazon, where they are likely to be in the mindset to purchase. Or, if your goal is to drive brand awareness and expand your audience, then you could reach new customers offsite with a video that introduces your brand and top products."

By giving products an added boost of visibility, brands gain access to millions more Amazon customers, showing them ads that link directly to product detail pages. "These ads are also immensely useful for brands eager to improve their sales with advertising targeted around products, as they show each repeat customer/prospect advertising formed around prior browsing and purchase behaviors," says Meressa.

Many online sellers will find that working with an Amazon DSP business is the most effective way to grow sales for product listings and scale. Clients have already been benefiting from the DSP opportunities provided by the Amazon advertising UK company. One such highly impressed client says, "As a professional Amazon seller with several years' experience, we only work with suppliers and partners that can offer consistent and quantifiable results for us and our clients. George and his team at Clear Ads play a vital role in our ecosystem. They're approachable, prompt and professional — a pleasure to work with them!"

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