Amazon Expert, Shane Oglow, Featured on Professor’s Podcast: PR & Amazon Ranking


Shane Oglow, the renowned Amazon sales expert and President of prREACH, was recently featured on the Professor’s Podcast hosted by the “Professor of Amazon,” Howard Thai. The talk included Thai’s upcoming Professor’s Pandemic Event with Oglow as a special guest. Continue reading


Vaughan, ON, Jun 09, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Howard Thai, also known as the "Professor of Amazon," is a highly experienced top seller on Amazon who has taken his expertise and devoted it to helping businesses using innovative tactics on and off Amazon. Host of the Professor's Podcast Series, Thai recently featured Shane Oglow, a renowned Amazon sales expert, coach and mentor to Amazon sellers and President of prREACH, the world's first Video Press Release company. Oglow shared with listeners how he mastered using press releases (PRs) for Amazon ranking.

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The Professor's Podcast Series discusses the best strategies to massively improve the reach and bottom line of businesses in the current virtual and economic landscape. "Oglow is currently one of the only players in the field that does PR," mentions Thai.

Amazon sellers can increase rankings through PRs by improving sales velocity, adding high ranking authority links to their listing and increasing viewer exposure. "Very powerful distribution is one of the primary things that we do," adds Oglow.

Thai also announced his first-time-ever event, The Professor's Pandemic Event (PPE), an online version of his World-Renowned Mastermind where he will share his knowledge on "How Top Sellers Use Underground Systems to Consistently Rank Products and Scale their Businesses in 2020." Thai personally handpicked Oglow as a special guest speaker at this event. Oglow shared the topic areas he is preparing to discuss for the PPE: Amazon posts and content, launching and ranking, new techniques, diversifying traffic, the benefits of utilizing PRs and building an online brand presence.

Those interested in the PPE event will have access to invaluable information including:

  • Discover the sophisticated yet easy to implement tactics to quickly get products ranked to page one.
  • ​Hear from top-level sellers doing 8 or 9 figures and how they scaled to that level.
  • ​Thai's case study where he will show a real-life example of how he ranked an old, forgotten product quickly and efficiently.

For those interested in learning more from Howard Thai and his Professor's Podcast Series, please visit the official website.


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