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Legion Radio has released a podcast that highlights Amazon FBA product launch and ranking. Host Tim Jordan interviews Norman Farrar on successful eCommerce strategies. Continue reading


Huntsville, AL, Aug 29, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Legion Radio, the Private Label Legion podcast, has recently highlighted Amazon FBA product ranking strategies using press releases in an interview with Amazon business expert, Norman Farrar.

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Legion Radio’s host, Tim Jordan, is a triumphant seven figure seller on Amazon. He teaches old and prospective Amazon sellers workable eCommerce and private label strategies to help them boost their product sales. The organization's shows are weekly and every new week, Tim invites and interviews thriving entrepreneurs who have established solid businesses on Amazon and other eCommerce platforms.

In this podcast, titled Boats, Beards, and Ranking Amazon Products with Norm Farrar!, Jordan interviews Farrar, the CEO of prREACH, a press release and content distribution company. Farrar is also a top seller on Amazon and has experience in the eCommerce industry of over 20 years. He explains to listeners how he launched his business on Amazon and managed to remain one of the top-selling companies on the expansive platform. One product launching and ranking tool that he has used extensively over the years, and that has proved extremely worthwhile, is press releases.

“Product ranking on Amazon using keywords should be consistent. As such, we have managed to launch 23 products and rank them on Amazon using press releases. For each product, the team monitors the sales during its launch according to when the press releases are released to prove the effectiveness of the strategy used. There are cases where sellers use free services to try and rank their products on Amazon but these did not work,” explains Farrar.

According to Farrar, “Finding a good press release service is the first step in guaranteeing a successful product launch on Amazon and subsequent sales. Good distribution links include media outlets, journalists and publishers that all together can reaches up to 50 million potential buyers. The press release company will distribute the release through these channels.”

Legion Radio provides a platform where successful entrepreneurs and experts in the industry can share their experiences and practical advice for growing an online business. Jordan, through Legion Radio, also hosts an online community called Private Label Legion on YouTube, as well as a Facebook group where he contributes to the global conversation on the latest news and trends of the world of eCommerce and private label.

Those interested in learning more about Private Label Legion, Legion Radio and the strategies discussed in this podcast can visit the organization's official website.


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