Amazon Marketing: How to Prepare for Amazon DSP Growth


Clear Ads Ltd. Founder, George Meressa, recently discussed his insights into preparing for Amazon Demand-Side Platform growth. Amazon marketing is quickly becoming as popular as the two major digital advertising players, Google and Facebook. Continue reading


23 Whitestone Way, Mar 01, 2020 /prREACH/ -- George Meressa, founder of London-based company, Clear Ads Ltd., recently discussed his insights into preparing for the growth of Amazon marketing through the Demand-Side Platform (DSP). Clear Ads Ltd. is a paid digital advertising agency that focuses on the management of Amazon advertising on Seller Central and Vendor Central accounts, Amazon DSP Advertising and Google Ads Management.

Amazon advertising is fast becoming a contender to rival the two major players in digital advertising, Google and Facebook. The popularity of Amazon DSP is growing for Amazon vendors as well as external service providers. Amazon reported its ads revenue saw a 39% increase in Q2 of 2019 and should continue to see similar impressive numbers as Amazon DSP becomes the preferred option, particularly for Amazon vendors who can take advantage of a lower rate for being an existing platform seller.

Meressa suggested that the best way for businesses to prepare for the huge predicted growth of Amazon DSP is to understand the unique value of each system. “One of the primary reasons why Amazon has been so successful to date is due to the comprehensive data sets that it holds over its users. Amazon has access to purchase history and browsing history, providing valuable insight into who buys what, and when, key data for targeting the right people, at the right time,” he said.

Alongside Amazon marketing services, Google and Facebook bring their own value as current leaders in digital advertising. “Google understands why people perform the online actions that they do. It looks at context. On the other hand, Facebook may know much more about interests, social connections and potential future purchases. All of this knowledge is equally as valuable to vendors,” explained Meressa. “To prepare for the ‘tripopoly,’ customer behavior and preferences must be taken into account.”

Meressa feels that the biggest factor that Amazon will disrupt is budgeting. “The rise of Amazon DSP will undoubtedly impact how marketers make budgeting decisions. Investing in Amazon advertising should be considered alongside other promotional investments, with a long term view to the future best for allocation,” he concluded.

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