Amazon Ranking Maintenance Chatbot Service Launched by The Chat Agency

  • Date: Oct 27, 2020
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The Chat Agency has recently announced the official launch of its new Amazon keyword ranking maintenance service. The company is also offering a chatbot rebate service for its purpose-built chatbots to help users profitably achieve their business goals, which are 100% compliant with Amazon terms of service. Continue reading


Fort Lauderdale, FL , Oct 27, 2020 /prREACH/ -- The Chat Agency, a team of seasoned e-commerce sellers, chatbot innovators, educators and marketers, has recently launched its new rank maintenance service designed to help Amazon sellers launch and rank products profitably, all while building a valuable customer list.

By focusing on profitable product launches, improved lead generation, increased revenue and the long term success of its clients, The Chat Agency expects to become an industry leader in developing advanced chatbots.

More about the new service from the Chat Agency can be found at

"If you're tired of having to spend enormous sums of money and fearing for the safety of your Seller Central account on tactics to gain and maintain rankings that are questionably outside Amazons terms of service, then this service is what you've been looking for. Using a combination of proprietary automation and ongoing analysis, we're now able to monitor and maintain your listings' rankings for competitive keywords. This is Search-Find-Buy done right," said a senior spokesperson from the Chat Agency.

The company's rank management service is a monthly package designed to help users maintain strong keyword ranking for high traffic and high conversion terms. This unique launch-and-rank service claims to significantly reduce costs for e-commerce sellers so that they can launch and rank at break-even or better. The system improves a listing's rankings for high-value keywords by harnessing the power of existing audiences and mining new audiences with messenger bot sequences that are highly specialized and tailored specifically to each clients products and branding.

The company claims that over time, the effects of this service will have a profound impact by maintaining and improving rankings, increasing listing relevance and increasing traffic, all while continually building a powerful customer list.

The Chat Agency is currently interviewing businesses for the beta-round of its Rank Maintenance services. Interested beta-testers are invited to contact the team via the company's website.

Some of the key features of the new rank maintenance service from the Chat Agency include:

  • 100% white-hat techniques designed for long-term alignment with Amazon's Terms of Service and preferred promotional strategies.
  • Build genuine audiences and customer lists for long term cooperation.
  • Ongoing analysis and alerts for listings' rankings for high-value keywords.
  • Intelligent automation coupled with copywriting that converts, and visually guided search-find-buy patterns that make it simple and easy for existing or growing audiences to find and buy from a seller.
  • Compounding overall results over time.

The Chat Agency has already received a tremendous response from e-commerce sellers with its service, and since the messenger marketing product launch, the company's proprietary chatbot sequences have helped many users build their list of buyers quickly while aiding in their Amazon keyword ranking efforts.

To find out more about the Chat Agency, please visit the company's official website.


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