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Life Quintessentials announces launch of new e-commerce store for customers, providing kitchen tools and utensils as part of the product lineup. Continue reading

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Mar 23, 2016 /prREACH/ -- Life Quintessentials recently launched a new e-commerce store at where customers can purchase kitchen tools and utensils. The company has been selling the products on and they are continuing to utilize that site to increase awareness of their products. The e-commerce store will offer additional discounts and special promotions, including a VIP club for customers.

The e-commerce store carries all the products that are found on Amazon. One of the best-selling products for the company is the Sili Mitts silicone oven mitts, which are longer than standard mitts. These mitts feature a silicone outer layer which is FDA approved and designed to protect the person’s hands from burns. Because they are waterproof, they even help prevent water and steam burns. The inner layer is quilted for comfort.

Customers can receive free standard shipping on all orders over $49 in the USA when they purchase on the new e-commerce site. They can sign up to be part of the VIP club where they will receive discounts on purchases, along with recipes and cooking tips. They may even have the chance to win free products.

The new e-commerce site features several pages, including an About page, which lets customers have the chance to get to know Life Quintessentials. There’s an FAQ page, which helps answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the products. The company also has a blog, which provides further information about products or other related topics.

Life Quintessentials is a family-owned business, and the new site helps customer get to know the company behind the products. There’s even a page that allows customers to determine what makes the company different from the competition.

Customers will still be able to purchase products from Life Quintessentials on Amazon, but they now also have the option to make purchases through the website.

“We wanted it to be more than just another online store.”
- Sophia Rose Olsen
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