Anti-Aging Coach Discusses Benefits of Longevity InSight Dream Team Program

  • Date: Feb 01, 2020
  • Category: Health

Anti-aging practitioner Michelle T Jones discussed the benefits of her Longevity InSight Dream Team Program. The recently launched program provides exclusive access to health, body and mind protocols aimed at transforming people to their optimal selves. Continue reading


Feb 01, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Michelle T Jones, a highly experienced anti-aging practitioner and coach, recently discussed the benefits of the newly launched Longevity InSight Dream Team Program. "Longevity, vitality, endurance, and a youthful appearance are the goal of everyone over 40. Without the right guidance, protocols, and tools, it can be difficult to successfully achieve them. Our team of international coaches, who are the best in their fields, are here to hold your hand and help you achieve these, and more," commented Jones.

One major hurdle people encounter is accessibility. "Getting the best coaches usually means finding them and flying to them. Not with your Longevity InSight membership. We meet you in your home or at work, depending on where you need us because we do most of our program online for ease and comfort," said Jones.

Jones' Longevity InSight features a long list of tools accessible online to target everyone's individual needs. Members have access to tools, such as face to face coaching, posture and balance guidelines, diet programs and recipes, non-invasive assessment tools and short programs for busy people, just to name a few.

The Dream Team Program gives members an opportunity to become part of a community of happy, healthy individuals who are passionate about health, wellness and longevity. Being connected to a community of like-minded people for support and encouragement is one key to gaining success, says Jones. Members also have access to health challenges and live events.

"I will guide you through a step by step process that will reboot, rebalance and rebuild your body so you have more energy, strength and youthfulness. More importantly, I will help you stay focused on your health goal and keep you accountable. Because a goal is only achievable with action and accountability," concluded Jones.

A testimonial to what Jones and her program can offer was left by this member, "Michelle Jones opened my eyes to alternative treatment. She made me understand what natural therapy is and how I should learn to listen to my body to allow it to achieve optimal health. She put me on track with my health and encouraged me to learn more about holistic health. I recommend spending your time with Michelle. Thank you, Michelle, and all the best for your career! Cheers!"

Anyone interested in more information on the Longevity InSight Dream Team Program or becoming a member should visit the company's official website.


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