ARM Launches Exciting Health Monitoring Service at Larger Than Life’s 16th Annual Gala


Advanced Remote Monitoring ARM LLC launches its Remote Patient Monitoring solution in tandem with the 16th Annual Gala of Los Angeles Charity, Larger Than Life, which assists children and families battling pediatric cancer.

Co-founder of ARM™, Abigail Aboitiz said, “We are thrilled to be able to launch our exciting product and service in conjunction with Larger Than Life’s annual fundraising Gala at the Beverly Hilton on September 22nd, 2019 and help such a worthy cause. Continue reading


Cerritos, California, Sep 05, 2019 /prREACH/ -- ARM has launched a new range of health monitoring products and services for the healthcare industry, starting with the ‘Armtrackr’– a wrist-based device which monitors a range of vital signs (such as ECG, heart rate, blood pressure, stress, atrial fibrillation risk and so on) and transmits them to the YesDoctor dashboard in the Cloud where the patient’s physician can monitor them remotely. Under CMS codes issued in January 2019, such a service is now fully covered by MediCare and insurance, welcome news for millions of people.

In addition to the Armtrackr service, ARM will offer other remote monitoring products and forge strategic partnerships with other companies operating in this space, enabling them to take advantage of ARM’s Cloud-based, Hipaa-compliant, web portal for remote patient monitoring.

“Larger Than Life does such important work and has helped the lives of so many children. Cancer doesn’t discriminate, and nor do they, with children of all faiths and ethnicities being brought to Los Angeles for their 16th annual Dream Trip. We plan to be at the heart of the solution for all monitoring,” says spokesperson for the company, Abigail Aboitiz.

For Larger Than Life, in addition to boosting revenues for the Gala, ARM has committed to donating $1.00 for each Armtrackr prescribed in the USA, for every single month the patient continues to use it. In just the chronic care market alone, with an estimated 130 million sufferers in the USA, a mere 0.1% market share will yield over $130,000 in donations every month to Larger Than Life, helping to improve the lives of kids with cancer and comforting their families. Although in fact the lightweight and water-resistant Armtrackr is suitable for any patient whom their doctor feels needs ongoing monitoring outside the clinical setting.

Says Aboitiz, “It’s a win/win for all concerned. The patients get improved care and outcomes, they and their loved ones gain increased peace of mind, the healthcare services benefit from reduced costs, and worthy causes such as Larger Than Life benefit, further helping the lives of people everywhere. The ability to monitor and possibly predict or even prevent worsening health conditions (such as increasing blood pressure) using such disruptive technology is expected to revolutionize the health industry, saving money and saving lives at the same time.”’

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