Arthriflex Mist Released by Marine Essentials, Recommended for Aching Joints

  • Date: May 21, 2014
  • Category: Health

Stiff and aching joints affect many people across the world and Arthriflex Mist can help reduce joint pain, help improve range of motion and mobility of arthritic joints. ArthriFlex contains glucosamine sulfate, a substance that can help replace the cartilage that slowly gets worn away as individuals age or overwork their joints. Continue reading

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May 21, 2014 /prREACH/ -- With a variety of dietary supplements provided by the reputed Marine Essentials, Arthriflex Mist is a uniquely designed oral spray for everyone suffering from joint and cartilage problems.

Marine Essentials is a dedicated company that is involved in retailing quality dietary supplements in diverse forms, and with Arthriflex Mist it has launched a perfect relief for joint pains. Unlike other joint pain relief remedies, this one is a unique formula that needs to be sprayed orally into the mouth of the sufferer to experience relief. Pain in the joints is no more constrained only to the elderly, but people even in their thirties have started suffering from joint and cartilage ache, some of which are unbearable and extremely devastating. Arthriflex Mist contains than eight joint-friendly ingredients which the developers believe will address almost all joint problems.

The main highlights of Arthriflex Mist are as follows:- • Contains Glucosamine, Spray Chondroition and Spray MSM • Provides instant relief from joint and cartilage pain • An alternative to aspirin, acetaminophen and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs • Pleasant butterscotch flavor

The main ingredients that Arthriflex Mist is made up of is glucosamine sulfate that is a natural element found in the connective tissue and the synthesized form of which is known worldwide to relieve arthritis pain. The other two vital ingredients consists of vitamin D and manganese and boron that are natural essential for the absorption of calcium and to maintain healthy bones respectively. The spray is suitable for all, only not appropriate for people who are allergic to derivative of shellfish.

The oral spray is designed to be a hassle-free way of enduring relieve from prolonged joint pains, the suggested dosage being eight sprays a day. Other treatments for joint pains include oil-based remedies supplemented with hard to swallow capsules or tablets; this spray is definitely a better alternative and deserves to be tried. With the many natural ingredients that are all well known to help improve and maintain healthy bones, the development team believes that Arthriflex Mist is uniquely designed to succeed where other remedies  have failed.

Marine Essentials has been in the industry of dietary supplements since years and its expertise in the field has resulted into Arthriflex Mist to help relieve problems related to arthritis. The main aim is to sustain the efforts of the sufferer to maintain the wellbeing and agility of joints and cartilage.

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