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IntelliTec College has expanded its popular 15-month Automotive Technician Certification program to the Albuquerque campus. Beginning in November 2020, students at IntelliTec Albuquerque will have access to the 15-month Automotive Technician Certification program, as well as the 19.5-month Automotive Technician (AOS) degree program. Continue reading


Albuquerque, New Mexico, Nov 09, 2020 /prREACH/ -- In response to student demand and the need for qualified automotive technicians nationwide, IntelliTec College is expanding the popular 15-month Automotive Technician Certification program to the Albuquerque campus. This program is currently offered at the Grand Junction and Pueblo campuses and is being expanded to the Colorado Springs campus location as well. The 15-month certification program will be offered at Albuquerque in addition to the 19.5-month Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) Automotive Technician program. The next start date for this program is Nov. 16, 2020.

IntelliTec College’s 15-month Automotive Technology certification program is designed to teach students the automotive theory and technology necessary to work with brakes, suspension systems, manual and automatic transmissions, climate control systems, emissions systems, and starting and charging systems. Students learn engine performance, as well as how to run and interpret diagnostic and troubleshooting routines. Students learn hands-on skills through on-campus labs while receiving digital instruction through our partnership with Electude, a global leader in automotive e-learning solutions.

Recognizing that the automotive industry is changing rapidly, and it is critical for instructors to provide the latest, most relevant training, IntellITec has incorporated Electude’s innovative training program to best equip students for success. Vocational students, especially students of the digital generation, need to be taught differently. Electude’s unique approach adapts to the learning style of the students and is designed to help automotive technology students understand automotive theory and technology in a way that textbooks cannot provide.

Electude was developed for vocational students, the majority of whom are visual or kinesthetic learners, and prefer minimal reading. Electude’s innovative teaching method is based on gaming principles and uses interactive simulations that allow students to learn more effectively. Instead of learning through textbooks and lectures, learning takes place through interaction, animations, and simulations. Students are able to hone their skills through Electude’s digital learning and simulations, before practicing with hands-on applications in IntelliTec’s on-campus workshops.

Electude is recognized as a world leader in automotive e-learning solutions, and is available in 35 languages and used in over 50 countries. IntelliTec is excited to partner with this global brand and is proud to offer this innovative training technology to our students.

Visit IntelliTec’s website to learn more about IntelliTec College, and the Automotive Technology program page to learn more about the 15-month certification program featuring e-learning through Electude, now offered at Albuquerque and all other campus locations.


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