Awaken Sexy Weight Loss Body Transformation Blueprint to Success, Says Author

  • Date: May 01, 2020
  • Category: Books

Robb Evans is an award-winning fitness and weight loss authority who is sharing his book, “Awaken the Sexy Within” with people wanting to lose weight, gain muscle or regain their energy through a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Continue reading


May 01, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Robb Evans, a recognized and trusted authority in health and fitness, has provided a step-by-step blueprint teaching the fundamental ingredients to get a sexy body, optimize health and sustain it forever in his book, "Awaken the Sexy Within." Evans says, "The COVID-19 global pandemic has allowed people to turn their fitness into fatness! The time is right to have people focusing on their health and fitness to help build their immune systems but also create, or reclaim, their sexy body transformation."

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As a health services professional with over 31 years of experience, Evans is the owner of a successful health, fitness, and nutrition business and specializes in coaching people to reach their fitness goals through creating new sustainable habits, proper nutrition, cardiovascular exercise and effective resistance-training techniques.

"The theme of the book is to have people look at their health and fitness in a different context. Not just making it another 'workout' book but connecting with their mindsets to sexiness and what that means to them," explains Evans.

Evans created his 43-step guaranteed blueprint to success for those seeking a transformation on how to define and awaken the sexy within by using his most effective strategies, tools, and techniques to master nutrition, workouts and mindset.

The book features:

  • How to plan a transformation with unstoppable success
  • The real secrets to eating one's way to sexiness
  • Strategies for overcoming all obstacles
  • Complete meal plans
  • Eight tools to drive results and be kept accountable
  • 52 body transformation workouts

"Everyone wants to look sexy, feel sexy and be desired, but most of the globe is sleeping and distracted from creating the level of health and sexiness they deserve. It is time to awaken the sexy within," Evans concludes.

For anyone interested in the body transformation book "Awaken the Sexy Within" by Robb Evans, please visit the author's official website.


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