Back Hook Massager: An Effective Self Massaging Tool For Knots, Aches, And Pains

  • Date: Oct 01, 2014
  • Category: Health

Manual self massagers offer an extremely effective solution for relieving aches, pains and knots from a person’s body. The patent pending Back Hook Massager from Nayoya Wellness, utilizes a hook shape and 9 round knobs to easily and effectively reach any part of the back, shoulders and body to remove and release knots, pressure, spasms and tension. Continue reading

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Oct 01, 2014 /prREACH/ -- The benefits of Trigger Point Therapy have long been known and performed to give release to sore, aching muscles, and knots. The goal and intention is simple: to release constricted parts of the muscle by using concentrated massages to alleviate the source of the pain. This isolated massage puts pressure on each knot and tense area, while slowly massaging and breaking up the knot. This massaging of the tissue gives off a release to a person from the discomfort these isolated knots and spasms cause.

The Nayoya Back Hook Massager is one of the ways to achieve a trigger point release. This Back Hook is a manual self-massing tool that lets the user specifically isolate parts of the body, including hard to reach areas along the back to effectively break apart the knot responsible for causing muscular pain. Using the Back Hook Massager for 10 minutes each day effectively reduces pain and stress while getting a boost of energy.

The 9 knobs along its body are meant to give off a desired amount of pressure, which the user can control, on any part of the body that needs a trigger point "release". This includes the thighs, calves, neck, back, shoulders, trapezius muscles, hamstrings and even the soles of the feet. The best part of the Back Hook is that it is manual, requires very little usage to see relief and does not require an outlet or batteries. The knobs and shape of the Back Hook Massager mimics the effect of a deep tissue massage without ever tiring the knuckles and hands. Unfortunately, a large percentage of people suffer from chronic pain and ailments such as fibromyalgia which causes fatigue, as well as pain and tenderness in muscles, tendons, joints and soft tissues. The Back Hook Massager's knobs manipulate the soft tissues and muscles to provide relaxation, therapy and stress relief.

In addition to athletes, bodybuilders, cross fitters, gym goers, and massage lovers, individuals going through physical therapy can benefit from this tool because it revitalizes and energizes, proving itself more effective than rollers, shiatsu massagers, and tennis balls.

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Christian Cobb

"When I first opened the convenient storage bag and took out the massage stick I thought it looked like a Klingon weapon. It is a weapon, a weapon against stiff sore muscles. To be perfectly honest, my first impression was huh? But then I began hitting pressure points with the knobs, and oh my gosh! I could actually feel knots of tension release. In fact, I had to pull back along the sides of my shoulder blades because this is so focused and does such a good job it doesn't need much pressure...the stick is sturdy and strong so don't be afraid to get in there and use it on your body.The massage stick is light so your arms don't get sore and tired, sort of negating the point of a massage, and it's easy to manage, not awkward to use."
- Becky
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