“Bacon Wrapped Business” Podcast Promises To Make Listeners Fat Profits


The new podcast, “Bacon Wrapped Business With Brad Costanzo” is rocketing up the iTunes charts, gathering fans and listeners as it promises to deliver “sizzling hot business advice guaranteed to make you fat profits” Continue reading

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Aug 06, 2014 /prREACH/ -- "Fat listeners" is what Brad Costanzo is promising to make with his 5-Star rated podcast and business talk show, "Bacon Wrapped Business With Brad Costanzo" available on iTunes.  But it's not bodyweight Brad promises to change, it's "bottom lines" of businesses everywhere.

The  new show promises "sizzling hot business advice guaranteed to make you fat profits" as Brad delivers expert advice, strategies and insights from famous entrepreneurs who reveal their best kept secrets on how to ramp revenues and increase profits.

Brad Costanzo is himself an entrepreneur with a series of successful start ups under his belt which he has sold to investor groups allowing him to pursue consulting, publishing and licensing deals at his company, Costanzo Marketing Group.

As an expert in direct response, online marketing strategies, and licensing intellectual property, Brad works with clients and partners to help them improve profits using proven marketing campaigns, structure their businesses to sell for higher multiples and expand into new revenue streams using strategic alliances, acquisitions and other business strategies.

Now Brad Costanzo is sharing his expertise and that of his celebrity business guests to help enlighten business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing executives everywhere with Bacon Wrapped Business.

"Even the branding in Brad's podcast represents an ingenious marketing insight," stated one brand strategist in New York City, "bacon will catch your eye and create enough curiosity that you simply have to know what bacon and business have to do with each other.  Once you you look, you're hooked!"

Costanzo says it wasn't so much his ingenuity, but a creative spark that he liked and states "The concept of bacon-wrapped gave me the permission to just have fun, let loose and do whatever it takes to create a sizzling hot show...pun fully intended"

The show targets anyone looking to grow their business or even new entrepreneurs or employees with the desire to escape their day job and find freedom with their own business.

Costanzo does not apologize if episodes go over-the-heads of some listeners, preferring instead to dive deep into best strategies (ones that the owners would rather keep secret) and let listeners get the fundamentals they may otherwise need from his guests' websites or books.

Costanzo says:  "To be frank, I think of this as letting the public eavesdrop on personal mastermind sessions with top level experts.  There's a lot I want to know and if it helps others with their business, I assume they don't want me to waste time on the ABC's of business or marketing and would prefer highly actionable information."

The overall goal for Brad is to help expand his platform and access to opportunities, be they clients, partners, apprentices, investments or acquisitions.

So far the show has shot up the rankings on iTunes "New And Noteworthy" section and he has been contacted by Apple representatives to feature him as a premier partner in line with their upcoming push of Apple CarPlay which should accelerate the already increasing trend of podcast subscribers.

The podcast is accepting new guests with expertise in marketing, business development, sales, acquisitions, business sales, management and other topics that affect a business's bottomline.

To subscribe to Bacon Wrapped Business on iTunes  visit:  http://baconwrappedbusiness.com/itunes

For access to show notes, bonuses, contact information and other valuable tools, visit the http://BaconWrappedBusiness.com


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"Brad is one of the few guys I know who picks up on the all the advanced marketing tactics he sees and knows how and why to implement them, plus he shares so many great strategies everytime I see him.
- Russell Brunson, CEO of Dot Com Secrets
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