Beard Kit with Six Pieces Announces Specials Ahead of Amazon Prime Day

  • Date: Jul 11, 2019
  • Category: Beauty

Grow-A-Beard is offering a promotion to all Amazon shoppers purchasing their beard grooming kit for men. This set is a combination of six useful tools for beard grooming.


West Palm Beach, FL, Jul 11, 2019 /prREACH/ -- An experienced manufacturer of all-natural beard care products, Grow-A-Beard, is pleased to announce its discount promotion for its beard grooming kit for men. This fully equipped beard grooming set comprises of a genuine organic bamboo boar bristle brush, a dual-action moustache and beard comb, conditioning beard oil, jojoba shaping wax, stainless steel trimming scissors, and a specially designed beard shaping template tool. Details about the company's promotion are available on its Amazon storefront.

Grow-A-Beard states that its grooming set has been designed to keep up with the high demands of the true beardsman. The product’s pocket sized, natural bamboo comb functions as a natural straightener to give facial hair a smooth and polished groove. The boar bristle brush helps eliminate residues, serves as a natural detangler, and stimulates the production of natural sebum oil. The shaping template tool helps users maintain an artistically chiseled finish and the stainless steel scissors can trim effortlessly, says the company.

Grow-A-Beard is a family business founded in 1852. According to its website, the company aspires to become a renowned beard grooming brand by delivering a wide range of all-natural products. With over three hundred reviews, the company’s six-in-one beard care product is currently amongst the top rated Amazon products in its category.

“This kit has it all to manage, maintain, shape and soften your beard. The beard balm has a masculine smell and it's easy to apply with the beard brush that came with the kit,” a satisfied user mentioned in his Amazon review. “The beard oil goes perfectly in combination with the beard balm, I usually apply them together. The scissors are good quality and that goes for the beard brush. All in all I feel like this has been a good purchase.”

Grow-A-Beard’s range of products includes beard oil and balm, beard brushes and combs, beard shaper, Argan and Jojoba oil, among others. More about these products can be found on the company’s official website and Amazon storefront.


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