Bedrock Engineering Offers 3D Laser Tank Scanning and Modeling Service


Local engineering company, Bedrock, offers a 3D laser tank scanning service that provides clients with an accurate volume reading of their storage tanks. Its service includes 3D laser scanning, computer-generated 3D model and customized tank gauging chart. Continue reading


Madera, CA, Jul 24, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Bedrock Engineering is dedicated to serving the community and providing the unique services that the Central Valley needs. In response to local demand, Bedrock Engineering has developed a 3D laser tank scanning and modeling service, designed to provide clients with accurate volume readings of their storage tanks, computer-generated 3D models, and unique tank gauging charts.

The above-ground and underground storage tanks used in wineries, breweries, petroleum storage facilities, and other industries are often fabricated on-site and are imperfect. The tank designer's stated volume and the tank's actual volume can be significantly different. Discrepancies between the actual volume and the manufacturer's stated volume can lead to costly errors such as spillage or waste. Bedrock offers the unique 3D laser tank scanning and modeling service to provide clients with critical information about their tanks.

Bedrock Engineering's 3D laser tank scanning and modeling service is designed to help clients reduce waste and maximize efficiency by providing an accurate volume and detailed computer-generated 3D model of each unique tank. Bedrock's surveying experts use LiDAR 3D laser scanning technology to collect a comprehensive set of data. Bedrock then uses that data to create detailed 3D computer-generated models of the interior surface of each tank.

Bedrock also produces a tank gauging chart for each tank surveyed. The tank gauging chart shows the gallons per inch at every level within the tank, allowing the client to see how much product is contained at every level. Measurements such as these are critical for obtaining accurate information about the product in the tank, especially important when taking inventory.

Bedrock Engineering's 3D laser tank scanning and modeling service provides clients in the Central Valley with an accurate volume reading and set of measurements for their particular tanks. Having a precise volume reading allows for the simple measurement of inventory, facilitates the mixing of chemicals for precise results, and eliminates costly errors due to overflow or spillage.

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