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Whether one is a fan of “The Long Island Medium”, Theresa Caputo’s successful television show, or attends worship services to celebrate their faith, most have seen burning incense or herbs used in the context of a ritual, part of a spiritual experience. The burning of the Sage – sometimes combined with other herbs to create a specific result – is what is involved in a Sage & Smudge Clearing. Continue reading

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Jul 07, 2015 /prREACH/ -- Often a modern-day Sage and Smudge Clearing is requested when a household is going through a difficult time, when a feeling of sadness, loss or frustration fills the home, or when negativity and fear become overwhelming. The image of smoke rising to the heavens carrying a prayer, a wish or expression of hope, is part of our ancient memory. It recalls the rite of sacrifice ancient peoples carried out to call upon their god for favors or help in times of both need and of celebration.

When a Clearing is called for, the practitioner will light a bundle of sage or a combination of dried herbs and watch for the smoke to rise up. He or she waits until the smoke actually starts to rise, indicating the space has been cleared of any unwanted negative energy or spirits. They will often carry an abalone shell or a clay vessel with them, or place it in the center of the space as they move through the area asking any entities or undesirable energy to leave the space.

Since these rituals are often performed when people feel they have encountered negativity, sadness, frustration, anxiety, stress, loss of a loved one and other challenging emotions in the course of their lives, it's a good idea to end the ceremony with a prayer.

"It's a wonderful time to ask for spiritual comfort, support, healing, guidance or protection. Many people call in positive energy, guardian angels and guides to support them in the future", says author, Donna Stellhorn.

ETC Publishing, based in Carlsbad, California has published two best sellers on the subject: Sage and Smudge, The Ultimate Guide by author Diane Ronngren, and Sage & Smudge, Secrets of Clearing Your Personal Space by author Donna Stellhorn - both available at ETC Publishing has just celebrated their 25th year in business. They also publish Donna Stellhorn's annual Chinese Astrology Series - now the third best-selling Chinese Astrology series in the world.


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More and more people are experiencing the effects of negative energy in their homes and I'm called in to help clear that energy.
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