Birthday Box for Women Is the Ultimate Gift-Ready Surprise, Brand Says


Charmed Crates shares exciting details of its coveted birthday box for women. The gift box, filled with top-quality, pampering items, is an ideal gift choice for women of all ages. Continue reading


Knightdale , NC, Nov 26, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Charmed Crates is excited to share details of its birthday box for women. The beautifully wrapped gift box, which features a stainless steel wine tumbler, self-care products, candy and more, is an ideal gift-ready option for loved ones.

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"Our birthday present basket is a collection of trending birthday delectables, including an insulated stainless steel wine tumbler with lid and straw, therapeutic bath bomb set, scented candle, birthday hat wine stopper and candy. This inspirational birthday-themed gift is beautifully designed to make the recipient feel unique and special. Our superior quality, coupled with the exquisite presentation, is bound to impress," comments a spokesperson from the brand.

Packed with an elegant and chic design, the Charmed Crates gift set makes a spectacular birthday gift box for women of all ages. The box is great for mothers, as a 30th-or-21st-birthday gift basket, for a girlfriend's birthday package or a best friend's special day.

"Whether it's popping in an essential oil bath bomb and treating oneself to a long, calming bath; cozying up with a book and blanket and pouring oneself a glass of wine or a cup of herbal tea; or enjoying a scented candle — everyone appreciates a little pampering on their birthday," the spokesperson continues.

The birthday box includes:

  • One insulated, stainless steel, stemless tumbler in lush rose gold
  • One bath bomb aromatherapy set with six unique fragrances
  • One scented candle made from 100% natural and cruelty-free ingredients, perfect for home use as it does not release toxic substances into the air
  • One birthday hat wine stopper
  • Two rock candy sticks

All of the above trendy, eye-catching products arrive in an exquisitely designed box to make the recipient feel loved on their special day.

A happy customer on Amazon says, "This was a birthday gift for my friend; she was so happy to receive it, and she loved everything inside. After all, a girl knows what a girl needs. All the items in the crate are really nice, and the gift wrapping was great."

Charmed Crates also offers another gift box specifically designed for coffee lovers. The birthday coffee gift baskets are filled with a collection of trending, top-quality birthday and coffee-themed gifts, including an insulated birthday tumbler with lid and straw, biscotti cookies, two packs of coffee, five creamers and a chic wooden coffee spoon.

"We've searched the globe to create the hottest coffee lover birthday gift baskets for women and packaged it beautifully with love and care," the spokesperson adds. "Our coffee-themed birthday care package for women will show off your excellent taste while making them smile ear-to-ear."

Anyone interested in learning more about the birthday gift boxes for women and the birthday coffee crate should visit the Charmed Crates official website or its storefront on Amazon.


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