Birthday Tumbler with Thermal Lining Gains Popularity as a Unique Gift


The Charmed Crates birthday tumbler has emerged as a popular gift thanks to its superior quality and affordable price. Made from lightweight stainless steel, the product is capable of retaining the temperature of beverages for hours. Continue reading


Knightdale , NC, Feb 28, 2021 /prREACH/ -- Charmed Crates is making heads turn with its popular birthday tumbler. The product's unique design and useful features have made it a coveted gift option, particularly among women. The product has already received excellent reviews from many users. Charmed Crates offers free shipping on all orders placed within the United States.

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Charmed Crates was created to make gift-giving simple, expressive, meaningful and special. The company has curated an exclusive selection of one-of-a-kind items designed in-house that ensure everlasting memories.

"In the past, purchasing gifts felt like a chore," says a spokesperson from the brand. "It simply didn't express the uniqueness of the recipient. Additionally, because the gifts weren't unique, as soon as that wrapping paper came were the good feelings gone and forgotten, along with the items themselves. Charmed Crates was created to correct this."

The tumbler from Charmed Crates comes with a thermal, vacuum-sealed copper lining that ensures prolonged temperature retention. As a result, hot beverages remain hot for over three hours, and cold drinks remain chilled for nine hours.

The insulated and durable stemless wine tumbler is superior to ordinary glass cups, which tend to break easily. Moreover, to ensure the retention of the liquid's taste and flavor, the product has been manufactured using 18/8 lightweight, lead-free, 100% stainless steel. This also prevents the leaching of chemicals into the liquid.

To prevent the paint from chipping, a powder-coated finish has been provided. Also, for maximum spillage control, the product utilizes a rubber gasket that is 100% BPA-free and sits tightly in the cup. This keeps the ensemble clean and dry by reducing the probability of any major splashing.

"My fiancé and I bought this for his grandmother after she had a stroke, and she loves it. It cleans easily, and because it came with a straw, his grandfather no longer has to buy plastic straws. It is very easy for her and her spouse to use, being that she can't feed herself," an impressed user mentioned in her review.

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In the past, purchasing gifts felt like a chore, just off the shelf, with no shelf life, literally. It simply didn’t express the uniqueness of the recipient. We created a company to make gift giving simple yet expressive. Meaningful and special for you and your loved ones. To that end, we have curated an exclusive selection of one-of-a-kind, designed in-house gifts, ensuring everlasting memories. Not merely a gift, but an experience!
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