Body Deep Muscle Massager Receives Top Rating from Amazon Shoppers

  • Date: Feb 23, 2020
  • Category: Health

Vigorous Innovations’ Jigsaw Massage Gun for Athletes is quickly emerging as a popular Amazon product. This body deep muscle massager provides total body relief, speeds up recovery and reduces inflammation. Continue reading


Crowley , TX , Feb 23, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Vigorous Innovations, an experienced manufacturer of health and fitness products, is quickly emerging as a familiar name on Amazon. The company reports that its body deep muscle massager has been recommended many times to date by Amazon shoppers for complete body relief from the comfort of home.

"At Vigorous Innovations, we seamlessly merge cutting-edge massage guns with premium design principles. Each massage gun for athletes is crafted to meet the highest standards that thousands of Vigorous Innovations customers have come to expect from us," said Justin Robinson, the senior spokesperson from Vigorous Innovations. "For practical muscle guns that are built to last, look no further than the deep massage gun from Vigorous Innovations."

The muscle deep tissue massager has been developed in consultation with sports scientists, Robinson says. Each massage gun features heavy-duty construction and has undergone hundreds of hours of research and development. It comes with three detachable heads, two rapid charge LiOn batteries, massaging gun, charging cord, and a carry case with sculpted foam for added protection.

"We have designed our deep tissue muscle massager gun with ergonomics in mind. The product features a one-pull trigger that stays on until you pull the trigger to turn the device off, so you don't need to keep your finger on the trigger to operate it," added Robinson. "It offers six variable speed options, including a high 2,600 RPM setting. Its three detachable heads work deep on undoing knots in various muscle areas. Also, with a 90-degree adjustable arm on the head attachment, the sports massager can be used in any position."

"Great machine, I'd seen trainers at the gym using them on clients and wondered about how good they were. My chiropractor used one on me, and I was sold. This gun is definitely worth every penny," an impressed user mentioned in his review.

To find out more about Vigorous Innovations' Jigsaw Massage Gun for Athletes, please visit the company's official website or Amazon storefront.


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