Boost Immunity, Improve Hormone Health During COVID-19, Says Brand

  • Date: Apr 28, 2020
  • Category: Health

TrulyHealthyMe is lending its senior food scientist, immunologist and best-selling author, Dr. Wayne, for a limited time to personally coach anyone wanting to double their immunity in 90 days, naturally and holistically. Continue reading


Los Angeles, CA, Apr 28, 2020 /prREACH/ -- TrulyHealthyMe, a healthy lifestyle company, has announced it has officially started donating Dr. Darren Wayne's consultations to anyone seeking real help boosting their immunity and also improving their hormonal health, naturally and holistically. "During this unprecedented time, this is now more important than ever and why more companies should offer up their experts for the greater good," says a senior spokesperson for the company.

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Dr. Wayne, a senior food scientist, immunologist and best-selling author, has helped thousands of families over the last few decades, double their immunity and significantly improve their hormonal imbalances. "Dr. Wayne's consultations are provided to you before, and of course, while you are on the programs, so you achieve success as fast as possible," the spokesperson says.

According to TrulyHealthyMe, handwashing, self-isolating and social distancing might help temporarily, but once everyone is allowed to gather again, the new coronavirus will be waiting. Dr. Wayne explains, "COVID-19 is now here to stay, and the only real defense we have against it, or any virus for that matter, is a strong immunity."

Dr. Wayne points out there are already many harmful viruses, bacteria and germs in the environment that are changing and mutating every day while infecting millions each year. Only those with the most robust immunity are the ones who prevail. "No matter the virus, the germ or the infection, strong immunity is the difference between life or death," he says.

TrulyHealthyMe's latest immune booster, Organic Immunity, is a delicious daily meal replacement containing 17 of the most potent immune-boosting plants and is suitable for all ages. TrulyHealthyMe is also featuring Dr. Wayne's latest best-selling book, "80 Hormonal Health Myths Busted," now including his bonus chapter, "Immunity."

Anyone interested in learning more about TrulyHealthyMe and Dr. Wayne's consultations, please visit the official company website.


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During the coronavirus outbreak or any outbreak, besides washing your hands and isolating yourself, the best defense is a strong immunity! Unfortunately, no one is talking about how to double your immunity and this is more important now than ever.
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