Brand Behind Night Vision Driving Glasses Comments on Alarming Statistics


According to surveys, more than half of car-accident deaths occur at night. HiTek Spek’s newest product, Acuity NightDrive EyeWear, contains patented melanin-infused lenses that the brand says will be a night vision driving game-changer. Continue reading

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Rockport, MA, Oct 03, 2019 /prREACH/ -- HiTek Speks, manufacturer of high-quality eyewear using the latest scientific breakthroughs, has recently started a Kickstarter campaign for its new Acuity NightDrive EyeWear night vision glasses. The glasses, now an increasingly popular campaign on the expansive crowdfunding platform, were created by the brand with a core mission to reduce night-driving fatalities. HiTek Speks is focused on educating the general public on the dangers of night driving, and has recently commented on the alarming night driving statistics occurring nationwide.

More information about Acuity NightDrive EyeWear can be found at its Kickstarter campaign page at

Statistics cite road accidents as the most frequent cause of accidental death in the United States. Despite there being 60 per cent less traffic on the roads at night, more than half of car-accident deaths occur at night. This is largely due to reduced lighting and the added glare from headlights, say experts. HiTek Speks says that the problem is compounded further due to the halogen lights used in new car models, which are much brighter. In addition, while eyes adjust to lower levels of light, the brand says it is difficult for them to function appropriately when switching from bright to dark and vice versa.

According to a HiTek Speks spokesperson, John Galley: “These statistics are substantial, and our mission is to change the way we drive at night. We’ve developed these revolutionary night vision glasses like nothing else on the market. They contain little to no tinting and anti-reflective coating on both sides of the lenses. Best of all, we’ve designed our glasses with patented synthetic melanin-infused lenses, which we call melaneye. Synthetic melanin was pioneered by researchers at Yale University, and the version we use in our glasses was patented by Dr. James Gallas.”

HiTek Speks says its new eyewear will be a game-changer for night drivers. Galley adds, “What people don’t realize is that using the widely available tinted eyeglasses out on the market today is actually quite dangerous. These types of glasses do virtually nothing to enhance your night vision–they actually suppress your eye’s natural response to low light and give off a false sense of security to the driver. Our glasses are backed by science with the addition of melaneye.”

Those interested in Acuity NightDrive EyeWear can pre-order the product today by visiting the brand’s Kickstarter page. Backers can now reserve a pair of the glasses at a discount as a reward for their support.


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