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Beaconsfield, Quebec, Aug 22, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Studies show that many real estate brokers lack the business coaching necessary for successfully growing their careers. Caroline Salette, a renowned speaker and coach with years of experience and a broker herself, has launched a new series of seminars to fill the gap in the repertoire of eager brokers. Salette, with wry humor, aims to help people who feel that they have languished under the designation of a "discount broker."

"Understand," writes Salette, "that challenges are the foundations of character, strength and courage. My methods involve strategy, but they also involve fundamentally changing the way you view your business and the networks that you have created."

Salette's speaking abilities have been demonstrated all over Quebec, and brokers everywhere can now benefit from her years of experience, her team says.

The seminar that Salette is now offering is an intense three-day gauntlet. The Salette System's slogan demonstrates the intensity and no-nonsense drive of the program: "Survive or succeed: the choice is yours!"

Aims of the program consist of strategies to help with:

  • Performing in-depth comparative market analysis
  • Developing privileged business relationship
  • Learning how to double income
  • Bolstering Self Esteem

While these goals may seem lofty, testimonials and reviews for Salette's system have largely attested to its success and understandability.

Salette also offers hands-on, long-term programs that last months. These programs can be modulated to fit the needs of the individual or the firm. They include auditing seminars, developmental strategy, and budget strategy.

"This is really for anyone," one user of the Salette System wrote. "I am an experienced broker, and I find just as much use out of some of her tactics as the newbies in the course."

The availability of Salette herself on an open basis is one of the stand-out features of the program. Users can contact Caroline Salette to get personalized feedback about their progress in the system.

Anyone interested in learning more about Caroline Salette and her coaching programs should visit her website.



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Caroline Salette is an industry leader in Québec Real Estate with over 25 years of experience in the Real Estate Sales market. Her reputation of excellence was built on the following principles: hard work, unparallelled credibility and the unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. In 2015, Caroline Salette started the training seminar entitled “Survive or succeed: the choice is yours!” based on practical methods and original techniques that have been proven to work. She has the capacity to simplify and explain the foundations of Real Estate and she has helped more than 500 Real Estate Brokers attain their objectives. Whether you are at the beginning of your career or an experienced Real Estate Broker, the seminar “Survive or succeed: the choice is yours!” created by Caroline Salette inspires all of her participants to surpass themselves by rigorously applying the techniques that will take their careers in Real Estate to the highest levels.
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