Cash Riley Jr. Discusses Consumer Packaged Goods Industry on “Lunch With Norm”


Norman Farrar welcomed special guest, Cash Riley Jr., to discuss the consumer packaged goods industry on “Lunch With Norm.” Riley is the founder of MCM Nutrition, a health and wellness nutrition company focused on building and growing a person’s health and fitness lifestyle. Continue reading


Aug 21, 2020 /prREACH/ -- As a vision, growth and profit strategist, serial entrepreneur and trusted business advisor, Norman Farrar has turned his wealth of knowledge and experience into a mentorship tool. His focus is to help entrepreneurs optimize their operations and unlock the potential of their business. His newest venture, a weekly live Facebook stream called "Lunch With Norm," has been the ideal platform for Farrar to connect listeners with some of the most interesting people he knows, sharing their ups and downs in the e-commerce world. Farrar recently connected with successful businessman, marketer and entrepreneur, Cash Riley Jr., to discuss the consumer packaged goods industry.

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Riley's "keep moving" motto has been the foundation of his professional life. He applies to business the same drive to win that has set him apart since playing professional baseball for the Los Angeles Dodgers. "I started my professional career playing baseball, and that gave me a good glimpse into what success looks like. To have the passion for doing what you need to do daily to realize it. And I wanted to take that into the business world," says Riley of his professional transition.

Before beginning his entrepreneurial journey, Riley spent a decade helping businesses succeed in management and sales through radio and on-site marketing opportunities. He learned what it takes to succeed as a business owner while working at Richmont Holdings, Inc., a private equity firm. He then co-founded Rochon Premium Brands in 2011 and Syncro Marketing in 2015.

After launching and leading consumer packaged goods through traditional distribution methods, Riley mastered the e-commerce sales channel. He explains, "This path allows entrepreneurs to release products quicker and maintain greater control of their brand." Riley then established a global bottled water company through the Amazon Exclusives program in 2016.

In 2019, Riley executed his vision of bringing a company to life. He founded MCM Nutrition out of his commitment to his family and his passion for helping people optimize their health. MCM Nutrition brings nutritional products to market using a direct-to-consumer strategy through Amazon. "When I set out to launch MCM Nutrition on the world's largest e-commerce platform, I did so with one goal in mind: be the company that provides amazing, quality nutritional products at affordable prices for everyone to enjoy," Riley explains.

Consumer packaged goods are items used daily by average consumers, and that require frequent replacement or replenishment. Because demand for consumer packaged goods remains constant, this highly competitive industry sustains high market saturation. The result is an environment where consumers often change their brand loyalties.

During their discussion, Farrar and Riley covered topics of interest to all online sellers. These topics included consumer packaged goods and how one starts, packaging consumer packaged goods, what can be expected at startup, how to drive external traffic and how much should one expect to spend on PPC.

Riley said, "After spending five years learning how to win in the platform, I've been allowed to realize my dream. I now have the recipe about how to win on Amazon. I've reached a point in my career where winning means helping other entrepreneurs and founders fulfill their dreams and keep moving."

When Farrar asked about the harsh lessons Riley has learned on Amazon trying to market these products, Riley shared, "You have to understand what your channel is, what your category is...understand how Amazon works, its rules and procedures." Riley also shared an invaluable marketing tip: "Let the product be the voice."

"Lunch With Norm" streams live every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon EST. Each episode is focused on a unique topic where Farrar specially selects expert guest speakers to share their expertise in their field. When Farrar isn't dedicating his time mentoring Amazon sellers, he is traveling the world speaking at some of the largest e-commerce events and focusing on his four businesses: prREACH, AMZ and Beyond, AMZ Club and HONU Worldwide.

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About Cash Riley Jr.

Cash Riley, Jr. is a successful businessman, marketer and entrepreneur who is determined to keep moving. He applies to business the same drive to win that has set him apart since he became a professional baseball player for the Los Angeles Dodgers. | [email protected] | | |


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