David Espinosa, Cell Tower Consultant Now Offers Landowners Free 30 minute consultation


David Espinosa, a leading expert in the cell phone tower industry, is offering free 30-minute consultations. This offers residential and commercial landowners the chance to make sure they have the right terms on their lease rates, agreement or cell tower buyout. Continue reading

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Mar 15, 2017 /prREACH/ -- Tower Leases, a leading expert in cell towers, has just announced it will be offering free 30-minute consultations to residential and commercial landowners across the United States. This offers clients nationwide the chance to make sure they’re getting a fair deal on their property, and is sure to be of interest to anyone looking to maximize the revenue on their lease.

According to cell tower expert and Tower Leases owner David Espinosa, it’s vitally important to ensure the correct terms on a lease agreement or cell tower lease buyout. “Cell tower companies make contracts that are one sided, so using the services of a tower expert or cell tower consultants is the only true way for landowners to get the most out of their negotiations.”

Espinosa is one of the leading cell tower consultants in the industry, and has negotiated thousands of deals over the past decade. The free consultation represents a zero risk opportunity for clients to rely on his years of cell tower expertise and services, to negotiate higher buyouts or increase monthly payments from the top cell phone providers.

Negotiating cell tower cell tower lease rates can be tricky. The dynamics involved are numerous, with factors such as rent, lease termination and differing technology all affecting the value of a given site. Most people have no idea where to start, so expert assistance is necessary in order to maximize revenue. Tower companies or wireless carriers may want to change or extend existing leases due to changes within the industry, which only experts such as Espinosa would have any knowledge of.

According to Espinosa, each and every deal needs to be assessed separately based upon location, competitors, finding higher paying companies, zoning and local ordinances, and many other factors. His experience looking at the entire picture makes him uniquely qualified to offer insightful advice to a varied client base.

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A cell tower expert or consultant is the only true way to get the most out of your negotiations and equally important to make sure you have the right terms on your lease agreement or cell tower buyout.
- David Espinosa
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